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Amazon's Alexa can now talk you through 60,000 recipes

Most people I know with an Amazon Echo find it’s particularly useful in the kitchen, what with hands-free music control and the ability to set timers. (Although you can’t name timers or set multiple ones; which Amazon really should fix.) But, with a new Alexa skill from recipe site Allrecipes, the …

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Lumines’ new Rez add-on is block-matching made in heaven

The first half of the 2000s saw the release of two games that marked the height of designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s knack for audiovisual fusion. 2001’s Rez was an inventive shooter where your every action added to the intensifying techno soundrack, while Lumines added a similar twist to Tetris-style block-matching and …

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Another self-driving car company will test its vehicles in the US

NuTonomy, an autonomous vehicle software startup that’s been testing its technology in Singapore, announced that it had signed an agreement with officials in Boston to bring its self-driving cars to that city’s streets. NuTonomy said it will begin testing its self-driving Renault Zoe electric vehicles in an industrial park in …

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Official Star Wars Drones Will Cost $240 Each

We’ve written about Propel’s official Star Wars drones before, and frankly we’d write about them every day if we could find cause. Today brings actual news, though, of the flying speeder bike, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and Tie fighter that will be lighting up your living room this holiday season. You …

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Making a Spectacle of Yourself

Earlier this week, David got his sweaty hands on a pair of Snap’s Spectacles, the video-sharing sunglasses (yep!) that have captured the hearts of the digerati and the braces-wearing teens alike. David tells the insane story of trying to buy a pair, failing, and then procuring a set from an …

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The 11 Hottest Rides Driving This Year’s LA Auto Show

Los Angeles may be the land of the car, but Silicon Valley’s efforts to rejigger the auto industry with ridesharing, electric motors, and autonomous cars are starting to infiltrate Southern California. This year, that change in focus even killed the long-running Los Angeles Auto Show press days, when journalists get …

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