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Why Google's Allo messaging app is a big step backwards

A year ago, when Google began to unwind Google+, it felt like a positive sign for the company’s underperforming social efforts. After sinking years into building a product overstuffed with photos, communication tools, link-sharing, and discussions, Google began to shrink them into more manageable tools. The results were largely positive. …

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Lawsuit claims Facebook illegally scanned private messages

Facebook may have violated federal privacy laws by scanning private messages, according to a lawsuit certified for class action yesterday in Northern California District Court. The allegations center around Facebook’s practice of scanning and logging URLs sent through the site’s private messaging system. Those scans serve a number of purposes, including …

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Meet Uber's first self-driving car

Uber has finally released the first official photo of the self-driving cars that its testing on the streets of Pittsburgh, almost a year to the day since reporters in that city first spotted an earlier prototype. The car, a hybrid Ford Fusion, is collecting mapping data as well as testing …

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Spotify is now available on Android TV

Spotify has released its first app for Android TV, letting subscribers browse their music collection on a big screen. The app is available on the Play Store right now, but requires Android TV 5.0 or above. Spotify says the software works with Android TVs including those built by Philips and Sony, and …

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