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Google’s miniature radars can now identify objects

When Google unveiled Project Soli in 2015, the company presented it as a way to create gesture controls for future technology. Soli’s miniature radars are small enough to fit into a smartwatch and can detect movements with sub-millimeter accuracy, allowing you to control the volume of a speaker, say, by twiddling an …

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Soccer’s rule makers consider video replay for head injuries

Doctors may soon be able to stop soccer matches and review instant replays to evaluate on-field collisions for potential concussions, under a proposal that could be approved next year. As the Associated Press reports, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), FIFA’s rules organization, will meet in March to decide on the …

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Up close with Nintendo's adorable Famicom Classic Mini

Today, Japan saw the release of the most powerful gaming console in history alongside what may well be the least. For about a tenth of the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro and probably even less of the power consumption, you can pick up Nintendo’s Classic Mini Family Computer — …

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OnePlus is announcing its next phone November 15th

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is expected to announce its next phone on November 15th. Leaks point to a device named the 3T, which will likely be an upgraded version of the OnePlus 3, announced back in June. The company tweeted this week that it would be bringing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 …

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The Last Guardian is almost here, after nearly a decade

“To be completely honest, the realization of it actually being done, it hasn’t really sunk in for me yet,” says Fumito Ueda. As the creative director of The Last Guardian, Ueda has worked for nearly 10 years on the same project. He doesn’t appear haggard or stressed. No, he looks …

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