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Making the GrammyCam, Awards Season’s Newest Meme Machine

Awards shows are usually too polished and stiff to really have spontaneity. Unless Jennifer Lawrence is involved, there’s rarely room for surprises. But this year the folks at the Grammys have decided to welcome just a little bit of chaos into the proceedings—courtesy of the GrammyCam. “What’s a GrammyCam?” you …

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Why Use a Paintbrush When You Can Make Mind-Bending Art With Code?

Computer code underpins many aspect of our lives. Usually we know exactly what we want that code to do—but what if we didn’t? This is the question posed by Los Angeles software artist Casey Reas, who employs code to form abstract, bewildering, and literally unexpected creations. Reas received his MS from the MIT …

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Why Modern Makers Are Bringing Back Ham Radio

More than a hundred years ago, a few intrepid amateurs began experimenting with a new means of communications known then as “wireless.” These protohackers — soon to be known as hams — for etymologically obscure reasons — began building their own electronics gear, hoping to use it to communicate with others. …

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