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One of the best email apps on iOS comes to Android

Email by EasilyDo — currently my favorite email application on iOS — is now on Android. Like its iOS cousin, EasilyDo’s Email app promises the same lightning speed, simple one-tap unsubscribing to junk mail, smart sorting for things like package tracking and flights, and swipe-based inbox triage tools that the …

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Internet memes are the new Congressional soapbox

Culturally savvy members of Congress have finally figured out how to move their political messages beyond the quiet broadcasts of C-SPAN: if you meme them, they will spread. In accordance with regular procedure, members of Congress are allowed to deliver one-minute speeches before daily legislative business, as a means to …

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HTC will stop making cheap phones this year

HTC will exit the entry-level smartphone market later this year, the company announced during its earnings call earlier this week, according to Phonescoop. The company said it would continue to support cheaper phones that have been released, but acknowledged that its focus would shift to high-end, high-margin devices. This isn’t …

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Searching for the mysterious Planet 9

Last year, two astronomers from Caltech shocked the science community when they announced that they had ironclad evidence pointing to a planet orbit at the farthest edge of our Solar System. They dubbed the mysterious lurker Planet 9, or Planet X, claiming the object was roughly 10 to 12 times …

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Elon Musk dishes more dirt on his tunneling plans

Bloomberg has a great new feature out on Elon Musk’s tunnel boring ambitions. It adds a lot of color to what we know so far about the billionaire’s plans, but still leaves us with questions. Since Musk first started tweeting about his tunnel plans last December, we’ve been on the …

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