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7 Zany Timepieces From the World’s Most Exclusive Watch Show

Each January, luxury watch collectors, retailers, and journalists converge on a chilly Geneva for the Salon International de Haute Horlogerie, the watch industry’s first major trade show of the year. Sure, there are watches made of gold and covered in diamonds, but things get way more interesting than that. Here …

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A Wet Year Won’t Beat California’s Never-Ending Drought

Storm after storm has pummeled California over the past few weeks as a series of so-called atmospheric rivers has come ashore. Given the massive amounts of rain and snow that have fallen, people want to know if California’s five-year-long intensive drought is finally over. The answer, of course, depends on …

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How Did Life Begin? Dividing Droplets Could Hold the Answer

A collaboration of physicists and biologists in Germany has found a simple mechanism that might have enabled liquid droplets to evolve into living cells in early Earth’s primordial soup. Origin-of-life researchers have praised the minimalism of the idea. Ramin Golestanian, a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oxford …

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11 Outrageously Fancy Cars You Can Buy This Weekend

Maybe you weren’t inspired by the latest offerings that debuted at this month’s Detroit auto show, or you have no intention of waiting until the future-y concepts that starred at CES make it into the real world. And maybe you’ve got a taste for the classics. Oh, and also money. Piles of …

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Why Women (and Men) Are Marching Today, According to Twitter Data

This weekend, potentially 200,000 people—mostly women, and many sporting pink #pussyhats—will descend on Washington, DC for the Women’s March on January 21st. What initially began as a Facebook event has morphed into a cultural moment, a juxtaposition of the previous day’s inauguration of America’s 45th president, Donald Trump. Heather Whaling …

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BrainDead Is the Perfect Show to Watch This Inauguration Weekend

The CBS series BrainDead, which aired last summer, is a bizarre mashup of gross-out horror, screwball comedy, and political satire. The show was created by Robert and Michelle King, fresh off their success with The Good Wife. Science fiction editor John Joseph Adams believes that only the incredible success of …

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