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Raspbian update gives Raspberry Pi 3 way better Bluetooth support

If you’re working on a Raspberry Pi project, you’re probably interested in the “Internet of Things,” and if you’re interested in the “Internet of Things,” you’re probably all about Bluetooth. The Raspberry Pi 3 added Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the ultra-popular, ultra-cheap tiny computer (you have to use third-party dongles …

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Samsung Notebook 9 review: redefining the thin-and-light

The thing that’s most remarkable about the Notebook 9 is just how light it is. Weighing in at 2.9 pounds, it’s less than the 13-inch MacBook Air and virtually every other 15-inch computer available. It’s as easy to carry around and slip into a bag as any ultrabook or ultraportable …

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Windows 10 Mobile will support fingerprint scanners this summer

Microsoft is planning to support fingerprint readers for the first time in Windows 10 Mobile this summer. While we’ve seen facial recognition thanks to Windows Hello, unlocking Windows phones with just a fingerprint has been missing. Microsoft revealed at its WinHEC conference this week that it plans to support fingerprint scanners …

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Periscope now lets you broadcast from a DJI drone

Periscope added GoPro support earlier this year, allowing drone owners to mount one of the cameras and live stream to the service. If you own one of the more recent DJI drones though, Periscope will now natively connect to the drone’s remote to broadcast footage live. In an app update this …

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Disney's telepresence robot is shockingly precise

Disney Research has built an incredibly accurate telepresence robot that can nearly match a human’s motions one for one. The telepresence robot uses a combination of stereo cameras and an air and water hydraulics system, which allows for more precise controls by its human operator. The operator uses a head-mounted …

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