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Hunted is a reality show about surveillance and human error

In the fourth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Frank warns Mac and Dennis about the dangers of manhunting: “Don’t even joke about hunting no man.” It’s too bad that advice didn’t travel to the network execs at CBS, where the latest attempt to grab eyeballs is a reality …

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Tidal’s future is brighter after Sprint’s investment

Two years after the initial discussions began, Sprint has made a substantial investment in Tidal, acquiring 33 percent of the company. The deal will help stabilize Tidal, which has had issues keeping up with its payments to music labels over the past year, according to multiple sources and numerous reports. …

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Bushwick: an action movie about Texas invading Brooklyn

Bushwick opens on a scene that’s supposed to convey millennial Brooklynite normalcy: a college student and her boyfriend get off the L train, bantering about introducing him to her family while complaining about the subway. The station is strangely empty. Then a man runs down the stairs on fire, an …

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Alexa, stop already: six of the worst Amazon Echo skills

Every time Amazon has news about the Echo it likes to trot out the latest stat for the number of skills (or apps) available for its digital assistant Alexa. The most recent figure was the impressive-sounding “7,000-plus,” but anyone who actually uses an Echo knows that the vast majority of …

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Samurai Jack will finally return on March 11th

Samurai Jack will at last set off to face the demon lord Aku in his final journey this March. The news was finalized on Adult Swim last night: during a promotional bump, the network confirmed that Samurai Jack will air at 11:30PM on March 11th. Cartoon Network originally announced back …

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Samsung’s Note 7 apology was full, humble, and nerdy

The Galaxy Note 7 started life looking like Samsung’s best ever smartphone: it combined the huge screen and stylus of a phablet with the petite dimensions of a regular smartphone. But it also had a fatal battery flaw, which led it to overheat and catch fire, turning what was meant …

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Sprint just bought 33 percent of Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service

Sprint has announced it’s bought a 33 percent stake in Tidal — the artist-owned streaming service created by Jay Z. In a press release, the mobile carrier described the deal as an “unprecedented partnership” which will give Sprint subscribers “unlimited access to exclusive artist content not available anywhere else.” Sprint …

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Beautiful Literary Star Charts Map Famous First Sentences

Herman Melville kept his opening sentences short. Ernest Hemingway preferred his declarative. Jane Austen was known, on occasion, to open her novels with an entire paragraph. There’s no precise formula for an iconic opening sentence—but for a new project called Literary Constellations, data artist Nick Rougeux used unusual-looking diagrams to …

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