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Why Facebook's virtual assistant is taking years to develop

Facebook VP of Messaging Products David Marcus One of Facebook Messenger’s most highly awaited features, a text-based virtual assistant simply called “M,” isn’t due out for several more years. But according to Facebook VP of Messaging Products David Marcus, there’s a very good reason for that: M still has a …

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Why are some iPhone 7s making hissing noises?

Over the past couple of days, multiple reports of the iPhone 7 making “hissing” noises have cropped up. Gizmodo has a nice roundup here, but the gist that 512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackett noticed it and several others have followed up to say they’re hearing the same thing. It’s one of …

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The best ways to cope with a noisy office

I’m an indiscriminate eavesdropper. If there’s a conversation near me, I listen — on the train, in restaurants, on the sidewalk, and especially at work. But in our open-plan office, there are a lot of conversations to overhear. And I’m supposed to be working. “People are aging their ears much …

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Orders for comic books have hit a twenty year high

Propelled by DC’s Rebirth series, distributor Diamond Comics has shipped 10.26 million copies to comic book stores in North America this past August, according to industry analyst John Jackson Miller. According to Miller, the figures for August were largely driven by DC Comics, which sold nine out of the ten …

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