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New Kitchen Knives from Shun and Kikuichi Cutlery

If you do a bit of kitchen knife research, you will soon discover a recurring theme, as well as some odd advice. The recurring theme is that the three key knives everyone must own are a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. The odd advice is after …

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How to Not Watch the Royal Wedding

Congratulations! The digital world has invited you to virtually attend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage this weekend. Frankly, you don’t give a damn. But the internet won’t let you off the hook so easily. Your news feeds will be littered with the #RoyalFamily and #WhenHarryMetMeg musings unless you do …

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Google, Alibaba Spar Over Timeline for 'Quantum Supremacy'

Google’s quantum computing researchers have been planning a party—but new results from a competing team at China’s Alibaba may have postponed it. The China-America corporate rivalry on an obscure frontier of physics illustrates a growing contest between nations and companies hoping to create a new form of improbably powerful computer. …

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A Location-Sharing Disaster Shows How Exposed You Really Are

There are plenty of guides available on how to protect your data, how to secure yourself online, and how to stop digital snoops from tracking you across the web and then profiting from that intrusion. (Sorry, “monetization”.) You should do these things. But if a cascading series of revelations this …

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Is It Weird for Conservatives to Like 'Star Trek'?

Star Trek is one of the most openly liberal TV shows of all time, so it’s no suprrise that it appeals to liberals like political commentator Ana Marie Cox. “The original Star Trek universe, for its time even, was pretty Social Justice Warrior-y,” Cox says in Episode 309 of the …

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