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Raspberry Pi 4 Review: A Powerful New Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card that is aimed at do-it-yourselfers. The cheap and tiny device costs less than you’d pay for a few drinks in San Francisco, so it’s already proven to be a hit among hobbyists who want to add light computing …

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8 Best Laptops and Tablets for Students (2019 Back to School)

The perfect college laptop is a mysterious beast. Somewhere between form factor, specs, and price lies a machine that makes both students and parents happy. We review dozens of laptops and tablets, and the machines below are our favorite picks for students headed back to school this year. Whether you’re …

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Google Gives up Sweets: New OS Is Just Called Android 10

Say goodbye to pie and lollipops, because Google’s mobile platform is going on a diet. Since 2009, Google has gifted each major iteration of its Android operating system with a dessert-themed name. The names have progressed in alphabetical order since the release of Android Cupcake, which was followed by Donut, …

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10 new trailers you should watch this week

I was excited to watch Cold War, the new film from Ida director Paweł Pawlikowski, now that it’s streaming on Amazon. Like Ida, Cold War is shot in gorgeous black and white and has a zoomed-in focus on the oppression felt by an individual during war. Cold War jumps forward …

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Razer Blade Pro 17 Review: The Best Large Gaming Laptop

Laptops usually come in one of two flavors: 13-inch for portability or 15-inch for horsepower. Simple. Easy-peasy. Occasionally though, a manufacturer makes a laptop outside of that binary. Sometimes they’re itty-bitty 12-inch ultrabooks, designed to slip into manila envelopes (our favorite laptops). This time, pendulum has swung the other direction, …

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The *Jeopardy!* Master is Making a Better Trivia Game

“I think most people’s experience playing trivia is just feeling dumb, and that’s no way to spend an evening.” That sentence probably doesn’t describe Ken Jennings, who holds the record for the longest winning streak on TV quiz show Jeopardy! after a 74-game winning streak (though he still lost to …

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A Single Math Model Explains Many Mysteries of Vision

This is the great mystery of human vision: Vivid pictures of the world appear before our mind’s eye, yet the brain’s visual system receives very little information from the world itself. Much of what we “see” we conjure in our heads. “A lot of the things you think you see …

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