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SpaceX’s helipad-equipped boat will bring astronauts safely home

A freshly-upgraded SpaceX ship and its crew just went through dramatic dress rehearsals, running through how they’d rescue injured astronauts after they return to Earth. When SpaceX starts ferrying astronauts to and from the International Space Station next year, the company’s ocean vessel Go Searcher will be tasked with recovering …

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iPad Pro welcomed to dongle hell by Hyper USB-C hub

One of the biggest advantages of the USB Type-C port on the new iPad Pro is that it opens up the possibility for the tablet to be used with existing laptop USB-C hubs. However, that doesn’t mean that the iPad Pro won’t get a couple of dedicated hubs of its …

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Anki Vector review: modern-day Tamagotchi

Anki, the toy maker most well-known for its automated miniature race cars, has always billed itself as an artificial intelligence company with a knack for building robots. Founded by Carnegie Mellon roboticists, the company built a reputation selling products that took the shape of standard toys, but that could operate …

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Amazon opens another 4-star store in Berkeley, California

Amazon’s latest brick-and-mortar shop, one of its 4-star stores, opens today in Berkeley, California, marking the third 4-star location in just two months. The 4-star store, which sells a mix of Amazon-made electronics like Echo speakers and Fire tablets and other popular items sold on Amazon.com with at least 4-star …

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Apple's iPads Are Officially More Interesting Than Its MacBooks

Yesterday in Brooklyn, at a music venue more than a century old, Apple released its newest and most innovative computer. It’s thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and it’s powered by a crazy-powerful new processor. Also, there was an update to the MacBook Air. It’s true: While the new MacBook …

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