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Reporting on Donald Trump's hair might get you sued

Gawker Media’s latest legal challenge is a lawsuit threat from the owner of the Ivari Corporation, which is alleged to have performed a costly hair restoration treatment on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Gawker journalist Ashley Feinberg published a multi-thousand word investigative piece last month looking into Trump’s hair and the …

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The biggest maker of Raspberry Pis was just acquired for $871 million

Premier Farnell, the biggest maker of the wildly popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer, is now being acquired by Daetwyler Holding AG, a Swiss industrial component supplier, for approximately $871 million. According to Bloomberg, the union will reportedly allow both companies to better compete in the components market. “By combining forces, we significantly increase …

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Can you still make an indie VR headset?

In 2016, how can an indie virtual reality headset stand out from the Rifts, Vives, Gear VRs, and other big names? That’s the question that VR startup Immerex has to answer about its VRG-9020 headset, which was announced today at E3. Immerex bills itself as a cheaper, sleeker, and higher-quality …

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The maltese pigeon is the sexiest pigeon of all time

Universally, pigeons are regarded as the winged rats of any urban city, and for good reason! They’re dirty, they carry disease, and they poop on you at the most inopportune of times because they can smell fear. Personally, I think a lot of this hate is undeserved considering how many …

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Siri's big upgrades won't matter if it can't understand its users

Apple announced some sweeping changes to its software this week, including major updates to iOS and its newly named macOS desktop operating system. The company also overhauled Siri, announcing that the voice assistant will finally be available on the desktop and — more importantly — opening up the service to …

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