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A closer look at Android N's new emoji

Google announced this week that it’s making a bunch of changes to the emoji in Android: namely, it’s finally introducing emoji that look like people, and it’s largely doing away with its freaky blobs. The blobs are still here, but they’re better But there’s a bit more to it than replacing …

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Ask Stoya: I want my wife to dominate me

The internet and technology have totally changed sex and relationships, we know you — you adults, anyway, this column is not for children! — have questions about the world of sex. In order to answer them, we’ve asked our friend Stoya — a professional sex-haver — to field any inquiries. …

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Is Apple finally changing the name of OS X?

Apple seems to be in the process of renaming one of its most important products, as evidenced by the wording of some documentation added to the company’s website yesterday. The text of a now-amended FAQ page about Apple’s relationship with the environment initially referred to Mac OS X as MacOS, prompting speculation …

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Hey Apple, how about shipping a new computer sometime?

(Image by Rob Pegoraro/Yahoo Tech) As I was fussing over yet another glitch on my aging iMac the other night and, while doing so, relying on my slightly less senior MacBook Air, two thoughts ran through my head: 1) I’ve probably waited long enough to replace a 2009-vintage desktop on …

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Why Dark Souls is my favorite video game series of all time

It’s taken me a few years, but I’m comfortable calling the Dark Souls games my favorite of all time. I imported Demon’s Souls, the series’ predecessor, from South Korea after I read a glowing review of a weird, difficult, but incredibly rewarding combat RPG online. I was fascinated by its …

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A contested convention in the age of the smartphone

Photo Illustration: Yahoo News, photos: AP. This July, thousands of delegates, party officials, campaign staff and journalists will descend on the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. It is possible, or even likely, that no candidate will win the presidential nomination on the first or second …

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Facebook is testing a massive change to your news feed

In a move that could be the biggest thing to happen to the Facebook news feed since it was introduced, it appears the social network is quietly testing a massive revamp that will add a lot more news to the feed. As seen in screenshots that surfaced on Twitter on Friday morning, …

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