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Three men wrote Wonder Woman, and that's a problem

With Wonder Woman due out next summer, the Warner Bros. PR machine is kicking into high gear to promote the film. As part of its San Diego Comic-Con ramp up, the studio revealed the exciting plot synopsis: an epic Wonder Woman origin story set during World War I. But it’s the …

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ZTE’s Daydream VR-compatible Axon 7 smartphone costs $399.98

ZTE has announced pricing and availability for the Axon 7 smartphone that it revealed last month. The Axon 7 is a 5.5-inch Android smartphone that will be compatible with Google’s Daydream VR system when the latter launches this fall. ZTE is opening preorders of the Axon 7, which sells for $399.98, …

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YouTube to the music industry: here's the money

YouTube and the music industry are frenemies of the first order, a mutually dependent couple that can’t stop bickering in public. The major record labels are currently renegotiating their contracts with the world’s largest online video platform, and so the war of words has been heating up of late. Today, Google …

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This is what the nightmare of multitasking looks like

Pierre Buttin, like most consumers of technology, does a lot of multitasking. Unlike most, however, he has a digital record to prove it. For one week, the French artist took a screenshot every time he switched apps on his laptop or smartphone. He then compiled the screenshots for each day …

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Apple is launching a reality TV show called Planet of the Apps

Earlier this year, Apple announced it was working on an unscripted reality TV show about app developers. Now, that show has a name (with a pretty good pun): Planet of the Apps. An open casting call launched this week is asking for “100 of the world’s most talented app creators,” with the show’s creators …

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Google Hangouts on Android can now record and send video

More than two years after it updated its iOS Hangouts app with the ability to record and send video, Google is bringing the feature to the Android version of the software. Hangouts users with Android phones will be soon be able to record and send up to a minute of footage …

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Android Auto comes to Japan today

Android Auto, Google’s system for bouncing Android features from smartphones to in-car entertainment systems, is available in over 30 countries by now, and it just added one of the biggest remaining markets to the list. The system can be used in Japan, the world’s third biggest producer of cars, today. …

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