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One patient’s blood might hold a new weapon against HIV

The key to developing a new drug to fight HIV may lie in the blood of a patient whose immune system can control the infection, a new study says. Scientists discovered proteins in the patient’s blood that blocked the virus from infecting immune cells. Researchers hope to harness these proteins …

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Obama criticizes the spread of fake news on Facebook

President Obama took time during a press conference today to assail the spread of fake news online, particularly the way it travels on Facebook. “In an age where there’s so much active misinformation and it’s packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook …

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Warner Bros. acquiring fandom and gaming-focused network Machinima

Warner Bros. is buying Machinima, granting the company better access to gamers and comic fans. Machinima’s online network features programming focused on classic geek franchises like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and the DC Universe. Machinima has a sizable online presence, with more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube and over …

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Music torrent site What.cd has been shut down

What.cd, an invite-only music torrent website first launched in 2007, has been shut down after a raid by French authorities. The private tracker offered free (and often illegal) access to a massive, deeply thorough collection of music and was popular among audiophiles for its strict rules around quality and file …

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Volvo’s new app brings you an entire car concierge service

Volvo is creating a service ecosystem around its cars, giving its customers access to third-party service providers to remotely fuel up, get a car wash, service the car, and more. It’s called Volvo Concierge Services, and it’s a digital platform that aims to make owning a Volvo easier and more …

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The new MacBook Pro's speaker grilles are mostly cosmetic

There are a variety of issues with Apple’s new MacBook Pros, including port selection, Touch Bar utility, and battery life. But despite all of the various controversies, everyone seems to be able to agree that the upgraded speakers are great. As iFixit’s teardowns reveal, the new MacBook Pros do have …

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