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Elon Musk thinks humans need to become cyborgs or risk irrelevance

Human beings are in danger of being eclipsed by artificial intelligence and need to evolve the ability to communicate directly with machines or risk irrelevance, Elon Musk said in a typically heartwarming speech from everyone’s favorite billionaire technologist. “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of …

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Sony 1000X review: the best of Bose worlds

I had almost given up hope. In my eight years of reviewing technology, I’ve been through the ups of anticipating the next Sony device and the downs of actually using it so many times that I didn’t think I’d ever get to write about a Sony product that was uncomplicatedly …

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Is Google Maps trying to be a social network?

Google Maps just added a new feature that allows users to create lists of favorite locations, for themselves or to share with family or friends. You can also follow your friends’ lists of favorite spots, or send them yours via text, email, messaging apps, or social media. All of which …

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The best VPN services and VPN deals of 2017

If you haven’t purchased or downloaded a VPN client yet, that might well be one of the best things you will do in 2017: VPNs are available on desktops, mobiles and even on other devices like routers or a smart TV. We’ll be sure to regularly update this page as …

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