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Avril Lavigne asks Mark Zuckerberg to stop bullying Nickelback

The year 2016 has seen it all: the death of a gorilla and the birth of an irredeemable meme; the resurgence of fascism and the rise of the alt-right; the election victory of Donald Trump and the complete deterioration of modern American politics. And yet, the year perseveres, collecting momentum …

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The 15 best movies of 2016

La La Land’s immense popularity with critics and industry insiders isn’t hard to understand: Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood, and cinephiles love movies about loving movies. Damien Chazelle’s follow-up to Whiplash is both. His swoony, playful, often deeply melancholy musical fantasy about two Hollywood up-and-comers (Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling) …

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The Walt Mossberg year in review

In the beginning of the year, Walt wrote his column about what he thought the giants in tech should achieve in 2016. Now, with the year almost over, Walt revisits his original piece to take stock of where each company stands. On the Ctrl-Walt-Delete Holiday Spectacular, Walt and Nilay go …

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