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This Pixar-esque music video will break your heart

It sounds like a simple problem, but being caught in a rut can be such a harrowing experience. It’s not just the question of “Am I getting anywhere?” It’s the fear that everything you’ve done has gotten you to a place where you can’t get anywhere else. It’s feeling trapped. …

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We fixed the Game of Thrones trailer for you

There’s just nothing like the pure joy that I feel when I hear that there’s a new Game of Thrones trailer circulating the internet. Any “important” work that I’m doing comes to a halt at once, so I can immediately watch the footage frame by frame to puzzle out what to expect …

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NFL won't stream London games after reaching Twitter deal

The National Football League has opted not to stream three London games scheduled for its upcoming season, according to Reuters. Instead, the NFL says it will focus on a recently announced partnership with Twitter, which will be home to 10 Thursday Night Football games. (You’ll be able to watch them on …

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Dual-camera phones are the future of mobile photography

Smartphone cameras can do astounding things nowadays, however they are starting to reach some hard physical limits. There’s only so much you can achieve within the tight constraints of a device that’s 7mm thick, and phone companies are looking for alternative means to keep improving. This spring, LG and Huawei …

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