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Prince's Purple Rain will play in AMC theaters this weekend

Prince’s iconic 1984 film Purple Rain is returning to theaters this weekend. Variety reports that, as a way of honoring the lost legend, AMC has partnered with Warner Bros. to screen the film in 87 locations across the country from tomorrow, April 23rd through Thursday, the 28th. Purple Rain, both the film and …

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FBI withdraws from New York iPhone unlocking case

The FBI has withdrawn from its legal dispute with Apple over a locked iPhone in New York, the government said in a court filing made late Friday. The agency said it no longer needs the company’s help unlocking the phone as it has obtained the passcode from someone else. The …

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Philips' SpeechAir voice recorder runs on Android

Who needs a voice recording app when you’ve got a tricked out voice recorder? Philips’ new SpeechAir is an Android voice recorder that includes a touch screen and camera. It can even pair up with computers over Bluetooth and connect to Wi-Fi! The camera, while useful for taking pictures of …

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Roku CEO opposes FCC plan to open up cable boxes

Roku’s CEO isn’t a fan of the FCC’s plan to open up cable boxes. In an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal last night, Roku CEO and founder Anthony Wood writes that “there is no need for the FCC or any other regulator to mandate” open cable boxes, because the internet …

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You should probably tip your Uber driver from now on

As part of the landmark $100 million settlement agreed to last night, Uber says drivers will now be allowed to ask for tips. Which means everyone, even you, will now have to tip their drivers. Forever. Probably in cash, since there’s no way to do it in the app. your rating …

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