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The Russia-linked election hack is a sign of things to come

On Friday, WikiLeaks published a stolen archive of emails from the Democratic National Committee — and Washington spent the weekend trying to figure out if the dump was a normal political scandal or something far more sinister. The dump revealed a number of embarrassing facts, including a number of indications …

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Samsung developed its own font called SamsungOne

Bespoke typefaces have become all the rage in Silicon Valley. Google has its Roboto font family that’s become a cornerstone of the identity of many of their Material Design applications. Apple has its custom-made San Fransisco, which recently became the default typeface across the entire Apple family of devices. And while Microsoft …

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Focal's Utopia headphones live up to their $3,999 price

These two open-back headphone models are Focal’s first venture into the high-end headphone market, so it’s logical to expect the company would have some teething troubles, but there are none. The star of the show, the lofty Utopia, is basically a Sennheiser HD 800 S with a more satisfying low …

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The robot Pepper is now on sale in Taiwan

Over a year after its initial launch in Japan, SoftBank is bringing its Pepper robot to Taiwanese businesses. This is the first time it’s available outside Japan. A subsidiary of Foxconn called Perobot is handling orders in Taiwan, which will likely be similarly priced to the bot in Japan. Pepper …

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update: the 10 best new features

Windows Ink Windows Ink is without a doubt the best part of the Anniversary Update. When I reviewed the Surface Book, I found it irritating and surprising that ink support in Windows 10 was so limited. Windows Ink improves things a lot. It’s essentially a central location to find built-in …

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Verizon agrees to buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion

Verizon today announced that it plans to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion, confirming a deal that was first reported last week. In a press release, the internet service provider said that Yahoo will be integrated with Aol, which Verizon acquired last year for $4.4 billion. Under the deal, Verizon will acquire …

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Pokemon GO may be the dawn of a new era for Nintendo

Nintendo (NTDOY) has figured out how to turn a 90’s era game into one of the hottest apps in the world. And investors are going bonkers. Last Wednesday, Nintendo launched Pokemon GO and it rocketed to become the No.1 free app in Apple’s (AAPL) US iTunes store. Shares of Nintendo jumped over 20% …

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Pogue’s Car Hacks

From your streaming device, to your web browser – David Pogue has tips, tricks and hacks for every piece of tech. These videos are quick hints to help you use your products like a pro. David Pogue reads the instruction manual so you don’t have to! David Pogue Source link

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