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Beyoncé Showed Up at the Super Bowl Because Work

About a million people were expected to show up in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50. And the city only has about 35,000 or so hotel rooms. So some entrepreneurially minded residents did the math and thought they could make a killing over Super Bowl weekend by renting out rooms …

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Obamas Say Wi-Fi Service in White House ‘Sketchy’

(CBS) WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says one improvement he’d like to make at the White House for his successor is to upgrade the Wi-Fi system. Speaking during an interview with CBS News on Super Bowl Sunday, both Obama and his wife, Michelle, said getting better quality connectivity for …

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The Health Sector Needs Tech Giants

Carla Smith Crunch Network Contributor Carla Smith is the executive vice president of HIMSS, a cause-based, not-for-profit focused on better health through IT. How to join the network Big companies around the world have made – with varying degrees of success – plays at breaking into the health sector. Google …

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Week in Gaming: I can't wait to be bored by virtual reality

Let’s be honest: the only reason any of us are looking forward to the rise of commercially available, financially affordable virtual reality is so that we may break free from the shackles of the boring, never-ending slog that is reality. Maybe our virtual paradise will be a beautiful beach. More …

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Should your business be using Google's Chromebooks?

They don’t boot up a real operating system. They don’t even run any apps at all, and many of them are meant more for consumers than a business user. Yet, the Chromebook is encroaching on the enterprise, one laptop or convertible notebook at a time. For anyone thinking of deploying …

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How to use the iOS 9 Game Center

Back in the good old days, the primary aim of many arcade games was to top the highscore table. Having spent countless hours shoving coins into a machine and mastering its intricacies, you’d finally achieve the coveted prize of being the very best – at least until the machine was …

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Apple wants to replace your 2015 MacBook's USB-C charging cable

Bringing new technology standards to the masses isn’t always as straightforward as it looks, and the new USB Type-C standard Apple introduced on last year’s MacBook models is a case in point – the Cupertino company has launched a replacement program for some of the USB-C cables shipped with laptops …

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In Depth: Android in 2020: how much could Google's OS change?

Cast your mind back to late 2008, when the first Android-powered handset saw the light of day. Obama won his first Presidential election, Apple launched its App Store (the iPhone had appeared the year before), Google announced its own Chrome browser and we got our first look at the company’s …

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