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Google gives its little-used beacon technology a security upgrade

Beacons are a technological solution in search of a problem. Years ago, both Apple and Google hyped their beacon protocols — which use low-cost transmitters and Bluetooth Low Energy to track users’ positions to within feet — but the technology has fallen by the wayside. Marketers were excited by the …

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Amazon is developing a drama inspired by Bob Dylan's music

The newest addition to Amazon’s growing stable of TV programming is Time Out of Mind, a drama inspired by the music and writing of Bob Dylan. (The show gets its name from Dylan’s 1997 LP, widely considered a return to form.) Lionsgate’s TV division and writer-director Josh Wakely are joining forces …

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Verizon customers can use Android Pay for 2GB of free data

Verizon customers are now able to earn up to 2GB of free data just for using Android Pay to buy things. The new promotion, which started today, rewards customers with 1GB of data for using Android Pay once, and a second if they use Google’s wireless pay system a third time. The …

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Automakers and airlines will compare notes on safety practices

Automakers, airlines, and US regulators will come together to discuss if airline industry safety practices can be applied to the automotive industry, according to a report from Automotive News. The meeting will be co-hosted by the administrators for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the FAA, the organizations in …

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Apple just dropped a huge clue that OS X will be renamed MacOS

Apple today let slip another reference to its potential operating system rebranding from OS X to MacOS. As part of its new environmental webpage in honor of Earth Day 2016, the company lists off names when discussing how it evaluates product life spans. “Years of use, which are based on first …

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