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Space Photos of the Week: A Diva Star’s Gotta Shine

Slide: 3 / of 4 . Caption: It might look like an icy bird floating in space, but it’s actually the planetary nebula Hen 2-437, one of around 3,000 similar objects residing in the Milky Way. It occurs when an aging low-mass star reaches the final stages of life. The …

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New Clues to the Mystery of How Our Brains Keep Time

Our brains have an extraordinary ability to monitor time. A driver can judge just how much time is left to run a yellow light; a dancer can keep a beat down to the millisecond. But exactly how the brain tracks time is still a mystery. Researchers have defined the brain …

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Uber Gets Money from a Russian Billionaire Because Global Domination

Getty Images The slew of worker misclassification lawsuits filed against on-demand companies just won’t stop. On Wednesday, class-action complaints were filed against on-demand food delivery companies DoorDash and GrubHub in California state court, alleging that the drivers should not be considered independent contractors, as their companies have deemed them, but …

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The ‘Jane Test,’ a New Way to Tell if Your Scripts Are Sexist

People often point to sexism in movies for what happens onscreen, but really, it’s in play before our heroine has a chance to say a line. It happens when she’s cast. It happens when she’s costumed. It happens when she gets her paycheck. But before all of that even has a chance to go down, …

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The Physics of OK Go’s Epic New Zero-G Video

If you haven’t seen OK Go’s new video: Upside Down and Inside Out, you should do so now. If you thought their previous videos were awesome, this one is 10 times more epic. Basically it’s a video recorded inside an accelerating aircraft to produce a zero-g environment. Let’s get to …

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Don’t Hit the Slopes Without These Essential Apps

Don’t hit the slopes unprepared: In addition to all your snow gear, there are a few apps that will make your skiing or boarding trip that much better. Find the freshest powder, navigate your way out of that blinding white, or find your friends on the mountain—with just a little …

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Don’t Set Your iPhone Back to 1970, No Matter What

An iPhone bug has arisen, as they do from time to time, that will render your device completely unusable. In this case if you set its clock to January 1, 1970, it’s brick city. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, why would I ever set my iPhone clock back …

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Ubersnap Prints Out Your GIFs. Yes, Prints

If you’re old enough (or young enough), you may remember trading cards and Trapper-Keepers with pictures that looked like they moved. They were the coolest: neon dolphins jumping out of the water and Michael Jordan dunking with a simple wave back and forth. GIFs are basically the next-gen version of …

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This New Animated Lego Star Wars Short Looks Legit

Looks like we won’t have to wait until next year’s Episode VIII to see our favorite characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens again. OK, that’s only kind of true. If you consider “watching animated Lego versions of” characters “seeing” them, then you’ll definitely be seeing them again soon—like three-days-from-now …

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