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Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern Join Star Wars: Episode VIII

Looks like we won’t have to wait until next year’s Episode VIII to see our favorite characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens again. OK, that’s only kind of true. If you consider “watching animated Lego versions of” characters “seeing” them, then you’ll definitely be seeing them again soon—like three-days-from-now …

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Star Wars Episode VIII teaser launched after first day of shooting

For those who’ve not yet seen Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, spoilers will follow. We’ve seen teaser trailers for teasers trailers before, but now, Disney’s movie marketing department has kicked it up a notch by providing us with a ‘teaser to announce the commencement of production’ on …

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Tesla and Radio Flyer team up to make a Model S for kids

Lil’ gearheads itching to get a Tesla of their own one day may not have to wait long, thanks to the electric car company working with Radio Flyer, the century-old wagon maker, to create the ‘Model S for Kids.’ The toy cart shares more with Elon Musk’s motor company than …

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UK Government to enforce age verification on all porn sites

The UK Government has confirmed plans to enforce age verification systems on porn sites. A public consultation has been launched today to discuss the best way to enforce the age restriction, with a range of stakeholders including parents, teachers and internet service providers set to be part of the conversation. …

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Mattel's 3D printer lets kids make their own toys

Mattel wants to make a toy factory out of the living room with its announcement of the ThingMaker — a 3D printer designed to let children customize and create their own playthings. Originally shown off at the New York Toy Fair, Mattel’s ThingMaker is a far cry technologically from its …

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The Ambitious 11.22.63 Is the Beginning of a Brand New Hulu

Last Thursday night, Hulu rented a parking lot. The massive concrete expanse was a few doors down from the Bruin Theater in Los Angeles’ Westwood neighborhood. Hulu rented that theater too, for the premiere of its first original drama, 11.22.63. But the parking lot was for the afterparty. A crew erected a massive …

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Being Bilingual Changes the Architecture of Your Brain

I’d been back from studying abroad in Mexico City for a couple of days when I asked my dad, “Can I use the lavadora?” “The what?” He didn’t speak Spanish. I knew that, of course. I didn’t even really speak Spanish. I had barely been able to hold a conversation …

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Lose Yourself in a Time-Lapse of Carnivorous Glowworms

New Zealand’s glowworms are a stunning sight. Buried inside caves, their soft illumination sends many photographers inside for the perfect shot. But Jordan Poste took a unique approach, capturing the bugs’ breathtaking twinkle with a 60-hour time-lapse video. Glowworms are actually the larval form of a gnat, commonly found by …

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Frogs Are Really Cool. Too Bad Humans Are Killing Them All

Frogs don’t have a great public relations record. First, they plagued the Egyptians—not usually how you make friends. Then people accused the amphibians of giving them warts. Patently untrue. A brief respite came when a frog turned into a prince that one time, but now frogs face their greatest challenge yet: …

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