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Xiaomi's first drone will be unveiled on May 25th

Xiaomi teased its first ever quadcopter this week with a picture of a children’s toy, but the Chinese tech company has now given us a little more to look at. As spotted by 9to5Google, a post on the company’s forums shows what is likely Xiaomi’s quadcopter, along with an unveiling and live stream …

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Goodreads will now alert you when your favorite ebooks are on sale

Bookish social network Goodreads has unveiled a new service to sell users discounted ebooks. Goodreads Deals is an opt-in features that analyzes user data (looking at individuals’ favorite reads and authors, etc), before emailing out relevant ebooks when they go on sale. “If one of the authors you follow has a …

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IMAX plans to open six virtual reality theaters this year

IMAX is planning to open a first batch of physical venues for VR content, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company says it wants to create locations that offer virtual reality experiences more immersive than what consumers can get at home. The announcement follows yesterday’s news that the company is working with …

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Kindle Oasis Review: Crazy Small, Crazy Price

If you’ve ever used one of Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers, then you can get by with a really short review of its latest, the Kindle Oasis. It’s exactly like the other recent models in most regards. (My video here should bring you up to date on the primary Kindle features.) It …

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Apple just revealed the future of its retail stores

In downtown San Francisco, situated across the street from the city’s iconic Union Square Park, Apple’s newest vision for retail is close to being realized. The new store, which opens this Saturday, includes 42-foot sliding glass doors that double as two-story windows, a 6K video screen on the second floor, …

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Lenovo teases the next Moto phone with a gloriously 2000s Razr ad

Don’t you wish we all still had hair over our eyes and phones that could definitively fit in our pockets? And also pockets that could definitively fit our phones? Lenovo put out an ad this afternoon teasing the unveiling of Motorola’s next… something… that’s all about reliving the Razr’s incredible success …

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I taught Paul how to use a selfie stick

Selfies, while seemingly easy to achieve, are a modern art form. Anyone who’s taken one knows a quality selfie isn’t easy to snap off. A good shot requires patience, proper lighting, and a clear idea of what your face looks like at different angles. Paul has only taken between five …

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Google reveals the mysterious custom hardware that powers AlphaGo

The machine learning community has coalesced around Google’s TensorFlow library. Interestingly, one major holdout was DeepMind, which did most of its research on the Torch7 library. Then, late last month, DeepMind announced it was moving to TensorFlow as well — it was already using it for portions of AlphaGo. Why does …

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