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Gillette's Ad Proves the Definition of a Good Man Has Changed

Once again, the country seems divided. This time, it’s not a border wall or a health care proposal driving the animus, but an online ad for a men’s razor, because, of course. But underneath the controversy lies something much more important: signs of real change. On January 13, Gillette released …

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Google Pixel 3 ‘Lite’ leaks in extensive video

At this point it may be a tradition that new Google phones show up in unboxing videos from Eastern Europe before they’ve even been announced. So it is with the so-called “Pixel 3 Lite,” a midrange Pixel phone that’s already leaked extensively but has now shown up in apparently near-final …

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An Astonishing 773 Million Records Exposed in Monster Breach

There are breaches, and there are megabreaches, and there’s Equifax. But a newly revealed trove of leaked data tops them all for sheer volume: 772,904,991 unique email addresses, over 21 million unique passwords, all recently posted to a hacking forum. The data set was first reported by security researcher Troy …

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How to choose a photo storage service

Unhappy with Flickr’s new policies? If you’ve decided you’re done with Flickr, and have downloaded all of your photos, you now have a decision to make: where do you put them now? You can, of course, simply keep them on a hard drive, but that isn’t ideal, especially if you …

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Huawei could face charges over trade secrets in new federal investigation

Federal prosecutors are pursuing a criminal investigation into the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei for reportedly stealing trade secrets and misappropriating technology from its US partners, including T-Mobile, according to The Wall Street Journal. According to the Journal, this investigation is in its final stages and arose out of several civil …

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