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Florida police obtain Alexa recordings in murder investigation

Unlike a pioneering murder case in Arkansas, Hallandale police weren’t expecting a complete audio capture. The search warrant indicated that cops obtained “Amazon Echo Recordings w/ Alexa Voice Command,” suggesting that they were only hoping that one or both of the Crespos may have inadvertently set off the Echo Dots …

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Airbnb bans 'party houses' following Halloween shooting

The executive vowed tighter scrutiny as well, including a rapid response team devoted to party houses and expanded human screening for “high-risk” rentals the company’s technology flags for closer review. These combined initiatives could take effect relatively quickly, as Chesky vowed a “10 day sprint” to review and speed up …

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Facebook will let politicians run false ads during UK elections

That reluctance to check ads is leading to concerns, including from those investigating Facebook. The head of parliamentary hearings looking into Facebook’s practices, MP Damian Collins, told CNN that people shouldn’t be allowed to spread false claims “just because they are paying” for it. He was also disappointed in former …

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Uber expands ride donation program to 12 cities in North America

Sarah Freed, Community Impact Initiative program manager, said in a statement: “Too often, even in cities that have invested heavily in public transportation, there are mobility gaps when it comes to serving at-need communities. We can use our technology to help fill those gaps. In many cases, a simple, convenient …

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Pentagon's draft AI ethics guidelines fight bias and rogue machines

The draft demands equitable AI that avoids “unintended bias” in algorithms, such as racism or sexism. AI could lead to people being treated “unfairly,” the board said, even if they’re not necessarily in life-and-death situations. The board called on the military to ensure that its data sources were neutral, not …

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9 new trailers you should watch this week

I finally got around to watching Widows, the latest film from Steve McQueen. I love McQueen as a director — I have distinct memories of feeling completely gutted walking out of Shame — and Widows is kind of a weird one for him. It’s really the first clear genre piece …

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Here's how Fitbit can help fix Wear OS

Earlier this week, we speculated on some of the ways in which Google’s purchase of Fitbit would be bad for wearables. However, there are a lot of things Google could learn from Fitbit to make Wear OS a compelling platform. The important thing here is that Google doesn’t do what …

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