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An Email Marketing Company Left 809 Million Records Exposed Online

By this point, you’ve hopefully gotten the message that your personal data can end up exposed in all sorts of unexpected internet backwaters. But increased awareness hasn’t slowed the problem. In fact, it’s only grown bigger—and more confounding. Last week, security researchers Bob Diachenko and Vinny Troia discovered an unprotected, …

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Huawei Sues the US, Prodding It to Prove Suspicions

The world’s largest telecommunications-equipment company, China’s Huawei, is suing the US government. But the suit isn’t just about US law. It’s part of Huawei’s larger campaign to defend its role as a global provider of telecom gear amid fears that its technology is or could be used by the Chinese …

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Sonos Amp review: all kinds of power

One of the main reasons to buy into the Sonos audio ecosystem instead of the smart speakers from Amazon, Google, or Apple is overall flexibility: Sonos simply makes more kinds of audio products than any of the other players, and that means you can build a relatively custom home audio …

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Facebook outlines plans to curb anti-vax conspiracy theories

Under fire for serving up anti-vaccine propaganda, Facebook announced today that it will remove groups and pages that share anti-vaccine misinformation from its recommendations. The company also pledged that it will stop allowing advertisers to target people who Facebook’s advertising algorithm identifies as interested in “vaccine controversies.” The news comes …

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Valve lays off 13 employees, reportedly slashing VR hardware division

Gaming company Valve confirmed today that it has laid off several full-time employees and contractors, possibly from its virtual reality hardware team. “Last month, 13 full time employees were let go and a portion of our contractor agreements were terminated. It’s an unfortunate part of business, but does not represent …

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German regulators tell Tesla to drop ‘gas savings’ from pricing

Tesla will stop factoring estimated fuel savings into the price of its cars in Germany, according to Reuters. The German Centre for Protection against Unfair Competition said Wednesday that Tesla agreed to be more straightforward with pricing on its website by March 20th. The order pages of Tesla’s website currently …

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