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Facebook defends itself against op-ed calling for its breakup

On Thursday, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes wrote an op-ed in The New York Times calling for the company to be broken up, saying that CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “focus on growth led him to sacrifice security and civility for clicks,” and that he should be held accountable for his company’s mistakes. …

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9 new trailers you should watch this week

I haven’t loved some of Wes Anderson’s earlier movies, but I really enjoyed The Darjeeling Limited when I watched it this past weekend. One thing I thought was particularly smart about the movie was how many small physical attachments Anderson gives his characters, which it’s clear they’ll eventually have to …

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The best Mother’s Day deals that you can buy last minute

If you’re looking for a tech gift to give to your mom, or a mom that you’re celebrating on Mother’s Day, your time is running out. Thankfully, there are several last-minute deals that you can check out, either in person or online (although you may have a slightly late gift …

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Audeze gets super serious about gaming audio with $899 LCD-GX

If there’s one brand I trust to build the best headphones in the world, it’s Audeze. The company’s flagship LCD line extends all the way up into the $4,000 price range, and I’d argue that its latest LCD-4z have the performance to match. Today, though, Audeze is addressing a broader …

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HTC isn’t dead yet, promises Android 9 updates this month

You’d be forgiven for writing off HTC’s smartphone business as over. The Pixel 3A that Google just released was developed by its Taiwan team, which Google acquihired from HTC over a year ago, and HTC itself has been quiet about new flagships since last summer’s U12 Plus. Well, HTC has …

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DOJ Says Chinese Hackers Attacked Anthem, but Not Why

The hack of health insurance giant Anthem Inc. has loomed large in the public consciousness since it first came to light in 2015—not just as one of the biggest breaches of all time, but also as a potential example of the Chinese government’s longstanding cyber espionage campaign. Hackers stole names, …

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