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DJI’s Osmo Mobile 3 is lighter, smaller, and folds up

Chinese tech conglomerate DJI is continuing a torrid summer for new product releases with another announcement: the DJI Osmo Mobile 3. The third-gen handheld smartphone stabilizer has several new features, but the biggest is that the Osmo Mobile 3 folds up for easier packing. The Osmo Mobile 3 costs $119 …

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How the phone of the future hid a multimillion-dollar fraud campaign

In 2014, Jeffrey Tschiltsch opened an email from Indiegogo and saw the future of computing. The email showed something called the “Dragonfly Futurefön,” a kind of computer-phone hybrid. The Futurefön’s page showed a sleek, palm-sized touchscreen that slotted into a laptop dock, then folded flat and flipped open again, revealing …

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Nintendo hints at SNES games on Switch with FCC filing

Nintendo appears to be preparing to launch SNES wireless controllers for the Switch. In a FCC filing spotted by forum posters at Resetera, photos of the new SNES controller have been marked as confidential until next year. However, a label location reveals that there could be ZL and ZR buttons …

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It’s time to end “trending” on Twitter

By now you’ve probably read enough about the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, his death in a Manhattan jail, and the attendant conspiracy theories that consumed social networks over the weekend. President Trump led the charge, retweeting a conspiracy theory that sought to implicate former President Bill Clinton. While there is …

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Why Uber's stock is tanking

Uber’s stock (UBER) is (rightly) in full meltdown mode. Shares of the ride-hailing and food delivery company tanked nearly 7% on Monday just a day after a 6.8% beating following a disappointing second quarter earnings release. At $37.42, the stock is well below its May 10 IPO price of $45 and off its …

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How to use Xbox Game Pass on your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that offers on-demand access to dozens of games. It’s a great value if you like to play and discover new games, and now that it’s on PC instead of solely being a console experience, your subscription can follow you from your Xbox …

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You may be owed up to $500 if you owned a Pixel or Pixel XL

Earlier this year, Google agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that claims the company knowingly sold first-generation Pixel phones with defective microphones. Now, the final approval has gone through, meaning if you bought an original Pixel or Pixel XL before January 7th, 2017, you’re probably eligible for some money. …

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