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A Wildfire Was Extra Close to Home for This LA Photographer

After years of playing with fire, Kevin Cooley finally got burned. Inspired by the smoke signals used at the Vatican to signal the election of a new pope, the multimedia artist began setting controlled fires in and around his studio and photographing their multicolored plumes of smoke. In a way, …

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The Samsung Space Monitor Liberates Your Desk

Attempts to reinvent the humble monitor have in recent years seen mixed results. Some are curved, some are huge, some are huge and curved, and, well, you get the idea. But Samsung’s latest design suggests an alternative: A monitor that dazzles by demanding less of your space rather than more. …

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A Major Hacking Spree Gets Personal for German Politicians

In an extensive series of tweets throughout December, hackers leaked sensitive data from hundreds of German politicians, including members of the European parliament, German parliament, and regional state parliaments. The move reflects an insidious strategy criminals and hacktivists sometimes use to expose and endanger targets by leaking deeply person details …

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The Quest to Topple Science-Stymying Academic Paywalls

Science is built, enhanced, and developed through the open and structured sharing of knowledge. Yet some publishers charge so much for subscriptions to their academic journals that even the libraries of the world’s wealthiest universities such as Harvard are no longer able to afford the prices. Those publishers’ profit margins …

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What Is the Dark Side of the Moon?

Our in-house Know-It-Alls answer questions about your interactions with technology. Q: What is the “dark side” of the moon? A: The short answer? It’s a misnomer. A cool-sounding misnomer! But a misnomer. Assuming they aren’t talking about the Pink Floyd album or the French mockumentary, people who say “the dark …

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New York’s L Train Shutdown Is Canceled. Now What?

L-pocalypse not. On Thursday, almost exactly four months before the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s popular L train line was set to shut down for 15 months of repairs, Governor Andrew Cuomo made a shock announcement: It wouldn’t. After less than a month of consultation, a panel of academic engineering …

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The Simple Engineering That Will Keep NYC's L Train Rolling

Ever since the last of the brackish water slithered out of the Canarsie Tunnel in the aftermath of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, New Yorkers have been bracing for the pain. Public transit officials have long warned that the water damage to the 94-year-old tunnel, full of just-as-old subway equipment, would eventually …

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The one bright spot in Apple’s dramatic letter to investors

On Wednesday, Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook dropped a bombshell when he published a letter to shareholders announcing that the company was revising its Q1 2019 revenue projections from between $89 billion to $93 billion down to $84 billion. The news sent shockwaves across Wall Street, with Apple’s stock falling as much as 9.5% …

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