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Facebook political ad tools are ripe for trolling

A little form field is giving Facebook a lot of trouble. We’ve talked in recent weeks about the new “dark money” on Facebook. Earlier this year, the company began to require advertisers to verify their identities, a task they accomplish by typing in a code that they receive via a …

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iOS 12.1 exploit bypasses the lockscreen for access to contacts

Apple released its latest iOS 12.1 update to devices earlier this week, and security researchers have already discovered a new lockscreen bypass. The exploit provides access to all contact information on an iPhone, and involves activating a FaceTime call and accessing the new group FaceTime feature to see contact information …

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Apple unveils redesigned iPad Pros with edge-to-edge displays

Apple (AAPL) on Tuesday unveiled the latest evolution of its iPad line of tablets with two new iPad Pros. A total redesign of the company’s high-powered slates, the new Pros hew closely to the design of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, with its massive edge-to-edge display. Available for pre-order …

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The new horror film canon (and where to stream it)

For people with a lively interest in cinema’s rapid technolgical and cultural evolution over the past few decades, few areas are as fascinating as the horror genre. Just a few decades ago, horror films were mostly considered disreputable and schlocky. The field was dominated by cookie-cutter sequels full of masked …

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Smart scares for smart people

By now, filmmakers and game designers have jump-scares down to a science. All it takes to really startle an audience is a combination of unsettling music, a protagonist or avatar creeping up on something they probably shouldn’t approach, and a big blare of sound and something moving rapidly at the …

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10 scary podcasts to listen to in the dark

As podcasting has matured as a medium, it’s grown to cover almost every genre and style imaginable, from old-school tech talk and true crime, to sci-fi and sobering historical deep dives. It’s also proven extraordinarily adept at horror, with both fictional podcasts and real-life tales offering a variety of scares, …

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