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Inside Google’s plan to make the whole web as fast as AMP

In a blog post today, Google is announcing that it’s formally embarking on a project to convince the group in charge of web standards to adopt technology inspired by its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework. In theory, it would mean that virtually any webpage could gain the same benefits as …

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Samsung Galaxy S9 review: predictably great, predictably flawed

There comes a point in most successful products’ existences where they become predictable. The new model, building off of the triumphs of its prior version, maintains the same look and feel while introducing more subtle enhancements. Apple’s used this tack with the iPhone and iPad for multiple generations, and Microsoft …

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Sea Level Rise in the SF Bay Area Just Got a Lot More Dire

If you move to the San Francisco Bay Area, prepare to pay some of the most exorbitant home prices on the planet. Also, prepare for the fact that someday, your new home could be underwater—and not just financially. Sea level rise threatens to wipe out swaths of the Bay’s densely …

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Oculus brings Rift VR headsets back to life with a software fix

Oculus Rift owners discovered that their headsets had stopped working yesterday, thanks to an expired certificate. It appears Oculus forgot to renew its security certificate, causing part of the Rift app to crash and prevent access to its VR software. While temporary fixes involved setting a computer’s date to earlier …

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