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The Dot Power Platform Could Transform Farming Technology

The first fully autonomous ground vehicles hitting the market aren’t cars or delivery trucks—they’re ­robo­-farmhands. The Dot Power Platform is a prime example of an explosion in advanced agricultural technology, which Goldman Sachs predicts will raise crop yields 70 percent by 2050. But Dot isn’t just a tractor that can …

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Don't Do Drugs and Watch 'Annihilation'

The new movie Annihilation is based on a novel by Jeff VanderMeer, but fans of the book may be startled by just how dramatically the film departs from its source material. But writer Andrew Willett thinks it does a fantastic job of capturing the book’s unsettling atmosphere even as it …

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The Key to the Perfect March Madness Bracket: Evolution

Predicting the winners and losers of March Madness is such a daunting challenge that it attracts math nerds like Starfleet voyagers lining up at Comic-Con. Statisticians, economists, Silicon Valley coders, the PhD quants at hedge funds and gambling syndicates: They’ve all tried to “solve” the outcome of the annual college …

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Apple is updating its MFi program logo

Apple is giving the logo for its MFi program a refresh, offering manufacturers 90 days three new designs to work with, reports ChargerLab. Launched in 2005, the MFi Program is a licensing scheme for third-party manufacturers to ensure that their accessories are compatible with Apple’s various products. Companies have to …

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Sony made a projector helmet to help you understand mosquitoes

Every year at SXSW in Austin, TX, Sony shows off a bunch of experimental projects. This year, the company introduced its Superception Head Light system, which is basically a helmet with a Sony MP-CL1 projector sticking out the front and attached Sony MDR-XB950 headphones on the side. Someone at Sony …

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