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HTC could be planning a mobile VR headset too

Virtual reality tech had a huge part to play at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and HTC was leading the charge with the Vive headset it’s been developing with Valve (and which you can pre-order on Monday). It seems PC-powered, fully immersive virtual reality might not be HTC’s …

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You may see the iPhone SE on this new launch date

Apple’s event to unveil a new batch of products, including the smaller iPhone SE, won’t be until later in the month of March, according to new reports. An event for the date of March 15 has been widely expected, however sources speaking with Re/code say the event will actually be …

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Updated: iPhone 5SE release date, news and rumors

Update: We’ve recently heard that Apple might have changed the name of the upcoming phone once more to the iPhone SE. What’s more, Apple’s event to unveil the phone is likely happening the week of March 21, and not on March 15, as was previously reported. Whatever Apple is going …

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Review: System76 Lemur

Linux workstations are like recumbent bicycles. Most people agree they’re the most efficient and ideal solution, but the only people you ever see using them are tinkerers and bearded wizards. System76 Lemur 7/10 Wired An affordable, capable laptop that comes with Ubuntu pre-installed. Hardware configuration problems are a thing of …

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Nikon Takes Aim at Sony With a Trio of Superpowered Compacts

Nikon’s had premium compact cameras on store shelves for a while now. Quite a few, actually: The Coolpix P300 and its offspring, as well as the APS-C-sensored Coolpix A. But the P300 series has smallish sensors, and the Coolpix A has a prohibitive price. They’re both great cameras, but neither …

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The Xperia Agent Is Sony’s Bold Plan to One-Up the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo has become a hit because day by day, week by week, it’s kept getting better. All the upgrades happen invisibly, which is precisely the point: The voice-controlled speaker-turned-personal-assistant has no screen and very little interface. All Amazon has to do is keep dreaming up answers to sentences …

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Microsoft’s New Android Keyboard Cuts Down On App-Jumping

We used to call ginormous phones “phablets,” and they were novelties. Now they’re just phones. And as big as they are—the Nexus 6 may have been too big—everyone’s making devices with ever bigger screens, and people are buying them. This makes sense. After all, everyone’s spending more time on mobile …

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Put Down the Broom: Tidying Up Can Hamper Creativity

If clutter drives you nuts, you’re in good company. There’s been a burst of excitement recently about neatness, propelled by The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo’s best-selling guide that urges us to toss out anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” If we can succeed at decluttering, Kondo says, …

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How to Stream Oscars 2016 if You Don’t Have Cable

This Sunday, televisions will be graced with the 88th Academy Awards. Celebrities will walk the red carpet. Commenters will ask who they are wearing. And Chris Rock, who is definitely funnier than your friends, will host. The three-hour soiree is airing on ABC this Sunday night starting at 7pm ET, and …

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