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Nobody’s Watching the Best Giant-Monster Movies

The recent films I Kill Giants, A Monster Calls, and Colossal each present an original take on the idea of giant monsters. Science fiction author Seth Dickinson thinks that Colossal, about a struggling writer who finds herself in control of a city-smashing kaiju, is particularly clever. “It does everything a …

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Black Panther 2 is coming out in May 2022

In the Studios panel at D23, Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige confirmed that Black Panther 2 has been scheduled for release on May 6, 2022. Director Ryan Coogler said the team is “taking their time with it” in order to get it right. That places Black Panther 2 directly between …

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The Black Widow trailer is full of back-to-back brutal fights

The Black Widow movie is finally happening, and Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige brought an exclusive trailer to Disney’s D23 Expo, to prove it. Like the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer, the Black Widow trailer hasn’t been posted online yet, but here’s what it looks like. Feige …

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Alleged 'Snake Oil' Crypto Firm Sues Over Boos at Black Hat

One of the strangest moments at the Black Hat USA security conference in Las Vegas this month has now become the subject of a federal lawsuit against the conference. ARS TECHNICA This story originally appeared on Ars Technica, a trusted source for technology news, tech policy analysis, reviews, and more. …

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Space Photos of the Week: Hubbub Over Hubble

This pair of galaxies colliding together is called UGC 2369. The brown bridge of dust and gas that lock together like fingers show their gravitational interaction. Galaxy interminglings like this fundamentally reshape each object, and like it or not, it’s our turn next. The Milky Way are due for our …

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How to stream Xbox One games on your Windows PC

Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs play pretty well together. So well, in fact, that you can stream Xbox One games onto your PC. Why would you want to do this? Perhaps because you prefer your monitor to your TV. Or maybe your Xbox One is on the …

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