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Genius sues Google over allegedly stolen song lyrics

Lyrics website Genius is suing Google, saying the company continues to knowingly copy its song lyrics and use them in search results. Genius also alleges that Google’s practices are anticompetitive, and it’s asking for more than $400 million in damages from Google and a partner. Google displays song lyrics that …

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PlayStation 25th anniversary issue

On December 3rd, 1994, Sony entered the video game industry — and it hasn’t been the same since. Twenty-five years ago, the original PlayStation ushered in the era of 3D gaming on a home console. Over that period, the company has consistently changed things up with new advancements, whether that’s …

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How to play classic PlayStation games in 2019

The original PlayStation was Sony’s first home console, but it came out swinging with countless classic games released during its lifespan. From well-known titles like Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, and Metal Gear Solid to slightly more obscure cult hits like Parasite Eve and Legend of Dragoon, the …

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Amazon offers quantum computing on its AWS servers

Instead of building its own quantum computer (which involves a lot of dollar), AWS has launched Braket (so named for the common notation of quantum states) in partnership with D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti. The service makes these companies’ quantum computers available through the cloud, allowing developers and researchers to play …

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