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SeinText is the bottom of the prank barrel

Wouldn’t it be funny if you could bombard your friends with out-of-context lines of dialogue from the hit ’90s TV show Seinfeld? You know, that one that is woefully dated and — like many other sitcoms from that era — is pretty problematic in hindsight? Well now you can! SeinText is …

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WhatsApp is headed for a 72-hour blackout in Brazil

A court order is about to cut off WhatsApp service in Brazil for three days, according to a report from O Globo. First announced on April 26th, the order was scheduled to take effect at 1PM ET today. That measure is the result of a failed 2013 access order from …

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The DragonBox Pyra is now available for preorders

The DragonBox Pyra, a portable open-sourced mini-computer / gaming PC is now available for preorder. The modular device — that looks like an overweight Nintendo 3DS, with a QWERTY keyboard, and runs Debian Linux — has been in development since 2014 and comes with a pretty average, but interchangeable spec sheet: …

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Phase two of the ExoMars mission has been delayed until 2020

The European Space Agency and the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos, won’t be sending a rover to Mars until 2020, both agencies announced today. The rover’s launch consists of the second phase of the ExoMars mission, which is intended to determine if Mars contains — or has ever contained — …

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