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Snapchat's secret camera sunglasses just showed up in a video

There’s yet more evidence that Snapchat might be working on a pair of sunglasses with a video camera built in. A promotional video for the unannounced-but-previously-rumored glasses was apparently just sitting on YouTube, and a tipster forwarded that clip to Business Insider. When questioned about the video, Snapchat immediately issued a …

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Palmer Luckey’s Trump fund has been a kick in the teeth for VR

Last night, The Daily Beast reported that virtual reality pioneer Palmer Luckey had secretly funded a pro-Trump group called Nimble America, dedicated to promoting internet memes and “shitposting” in support of the candidate. While Luckey’s political alignment hadn’t been a secret, the news — which Oculus hasn’t commented on so …

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What to do if you've ever had a Yahoo account

Yesterday, Yahoo confirmed a data breach affecting 500 million accounts, including logins, names, logins, birthdays, and security questions. The good news is that the passwords were encrypted with a strong hash algorithm, so they’re relatively protected for now. The bad news is, the breach happened in late 2014, so all …

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SpaceX’s Falcon 9 explosion likely caused by breached helium system

SpaceX’s recent Falcon 9 explosion seems to have been caused by a breach in the “cryogenic helium system” of the vehicle’s upper oxygen tank, according to an update from the company. However, SpaceX says the accident is not connected to last year’s Falcon 9 explosion, in which a rocket disintegrated en route …

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