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The Darth Vader choke fetish meme is now canon

I’m going to hit you with spoilers right off the bat, so stop here if you haven’t seen Rogue One — but man, did that Vader / Krennic choking scene seem weirdly sexual to anyone? Or at least, like it was playing into an existing meme that has been relentlessly …

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Her mentor replied that whether or not to report was up to her, but recommended she instead advise her patient that, if caught, the family could lose the child to the state. The mentor warned the therapist that she might be at risk of legal retaliation from the patient if …

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Can You Tell if These Objects Are Real or Rendered?

The best digital renderings trick the eye, making you believe that a bunch of pixels on the screen (or the page) are a photo of a real, physical object. But every so often the make-believe turns out to be real and things get really trippy. The Norwegian design studio Skrekkogle played …

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Talking turkey: the tech you need to save your Christmas

Mince pies, ruddy-cheeked children, tracking Santa via NASA’s satellites… Christmas is brilliant. Well, unless you’ve forgotten to buy a present for a loved one, can’t get everybody to agree on the perfect playlist or forgot that turkeys take about three years to defrost – in which case you’re entirely screwed …

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