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Facebook begins tracking non-users around the internet

Facebook will now display ads to web users who are not members of its social network, the company announced Thursday, in a bid to significantly expand its online ad network. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Facebook will use cookies, “like” buttons, and other plug-ins embedded on third-party sites to track members …

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HP just officially made backpack VR computers a trend

HP’s recently launched Omen gaming line will soon include a high-end PC that’s also a backpack, designed for walking around in virtual reality. Because we live in a strange world, this is becoming far less unusual than it sounds. The unnamed backpack PC (technically part of a premium “Omen X” …

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The guy who inspired the modular Ara phone says Google can do better

You might remember Dave Hakkens as the young Dutch designer behind the Phonebloks concept video. A video that went viral back in 2013 and currently registers almost 22 million views. It was this outpouring of support for Hakkens’ modular, upgradeable phone meant to help eliminate electronic waste that led Motorola …

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Spelling is a sport, and its athletes dab too

About 22 years ago, ESPN made the fateful decision to air the later rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest on TV. In including the act of spelling difficult-to-spell words in front of an audience of mostly family members, ESPN was signaling then and there that those contestants are, …

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Acer announces two cheap 2-in-1 notebooks

Just ahead of Computex Taipei, which kicks off next week, Acer has announced a pair of inexpensive 2-in-1 notebooks. The Switch V 10 and Switch One 10 both feature detachable 10-inch IPS displays and quad-core Intel Atom processors; the main differences are that the V 10 is available in more …

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Optical disc drives aren't dead

There’s something about obviated technology that just makes it endearing to me. Take the once ubiquitous CD drive of laptops and desktops of yore (yore being roughly a decade ago). It has been all but deprecated out of existence by Apple’s MacBook Air and the legion of PC clones that …

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