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Rogue One tickets go on sale this Monday

Prepare your stormtrooper suits and break out your lightsabers: tickets for the first Star Wars spin-off movie, Rogue One, will go on sale next Monday. The date was revealed by the official Star Wars Twitter account on Thanksgiving night, giving fans two-and-a-half weeks to build up anticipation after buying their …

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Star Wars smartphones are coming to SoftBank in Japan

Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank is marking the incoming release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by launching a pair of phones that let you choose your Force allegiance. The Star Wars Mobile phones are made by Sharp and come in both Dark and Light side editions. Here are the …

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Fall in Denmark Is Even More Beautiful Seen From a Drone

The forests of beech, oak, and ash trees that dot the Danish countryside erupt in shades of orange and gold each fall. As beautiful as it is to see from the forest floor, it’s even more impressive from above. “When you look down, the colors are more dense,” says Danish photographer Michael …

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Avoiding Your Family? Dive Into These 9 Outstanding Books

Ready for some political discussions around the Thanksgiving table? Yup, didn’t think so. Never have American dinner parties needed a new conversation topic more (and when you add family to the mix, hanging out in the Target parking lot starts sounding better and better). So if you’ve already burned through your …

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Cape Watch: Deadpool 2 Just Nabbed the Ideal Director

If you like Marvel movies but think that they’re (visually) a bit dull, well… you’re not alone, it turns out. But a lack of absolute blacks isn’t the kind of thing that’ll slow a studio down. In fact, most of the interesting news from the superhero movie world over the …

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Immerse Yourself in the Jungle With a Wild 360-Degree Video

Filming nature documentaries is a singular pursuit—often terrible conditions, lots of things biting you, and lots of waiting for your subject to show up. And it doesn’t get much more challenging than tracking snow leopards in the Kashmir mountains. This is one of the most elusive cats on Earth, living …

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