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You’ll soon be able to lock your BMW with Alexa

BMW is building an Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo as part of its larger BMW Connected cloud architecture. It will allow owners of connected BMW vehicles to check their vehicle’s remaining range and use commands like “lock doors” through the Echo to control their vehicles. Other features in BMW …

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The White House is now accepting letters over Facebook Messenger

The White House has opened up a new Facebook Messenger channel, and will use the channel to actively relay notes to President Obama. According to the announcement, it’s part of the president’s long-standing practice of reading 10 letters from constituents every day. Traditionally, those are regular postal letters, but the …

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SolarCity is designing a roof made of solar panels

SolarCity’s next big product will be a “solar roof” that’s entirely composed of solar panels — a sleeker alternative to covering an existing roof in solar modules sometime after installation. The plan was detailed during a call with investors yesterday, with company chairman Elon Musk describing the offering as a …

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Windows 10 herunterladen

In diesem Video wird gezeigt, wie Sie Windows 10 kostenlos und legal von Microsoft herunterladen können. Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung: … source

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