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The EU Hits Google With a Third Billion-Dollar Fine. So What?

European officials Wednesday fined Google €1.49 billion ($1.7 billion) for more than a decade of abusive practices in how it brokered online ads for other websites like newspapers, blogs, and travel aggregators. This is the third billion-dollar antitrust penalty levied against Google by the European Commission, which has fined the …

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An Android Vulnerability Went Unfixed for Over Five Years

With more than 2 billion users, Android has a staggering number of devices to protect. But a “high-severity” bug that went undetected for more than five years—that attackers could exploit to spy on a user and gain access to their accounts—serves as a reminder that Android’s impressive open source reach …

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A Cab’s-Eye View of How Peloton’s Trucks ‘Talk’ to Each Other

Techno-optimist prognosticators will tell you that driverless trucks are just around the corner. They will also gently tell you—always gently—that yes, truck driving, a job that nearly 3.7 million Americans perform today, is perhaps on the brink of extinction. At the very least, on the brink of uncomfortable change. A …

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How to control your Philips Hue lights with the Google Home app

If you’ve equipped your home with Philips Hue color-changing lights and a Google Home smart speaker (or some other Assistant-equipped device), then you know that it’s possible to control the color of your lights from the Home app. Google added the feature to the Home app just last month. Unfortunately, …

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AT&T CEO interrupted by a robocall during a live interview

At an Economic Club event in Washington, DC today, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was interrupted on stage by a robocall, pausing an interview in front of dozens of people and driving home that absolutely no one is safe from the spam epidemic. Over the past few months, regulators at the …

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Today’s AirPods launch underscores Apple’s latest AirPower misfire

Today, Apple finally announced its second-generation AirPods, most notably adding wireless charging to the popular headphones. Apple is even selling the wireless charging case separately, so that existing AirPod owners can join in the fun. The move brings Apple in line with its main competitors, whose phones and earbuds support …

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