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This Week in the Future of Cars: Happy Birthday to Us

It’s been a busy week, and not only because car and tech companies were up to their usual tricks. It’s WIRED’s 25th birthday, which means we’ve been covering the future of transportation for a quarter of a frickin’ century. Translation for the car nerds: WIRED can now rent a car …

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Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018) Review: Affordable but Underwhelming

Last autumn, I recommended the 2017 Fire HD 8 and named it the best of Amazon’s bundle of affordable tablets. Its sequel—the 8th generation of Fire tablets, for those keeping count—is still dirt cheap and completely functional, just a little less fun to use. Unless you’re using Alexa. The new …

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Dietary Supplements Can Contain Viagra, Steroids, or Worse

You know those sexual enhancement dietary supplements for sale at gas stations and markets across the country? Beware, they might actually be viagra. Or steroids. Or an antidepressant. Many supposed dietary supplements for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, and muscle building may contain actual pharmaceuticals—but you likely have no way of …

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No One Can Get Cybersecurity Disclosure Just Right

When you give an organization your data, and then that data gets exposed or stolen, you probably want to know about it. Seems simple enough. If a friend lost your sweater, you’d expect him to tell you. But a seemingly endless parade of massive data exposures—including, most recently, at Facebook …

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