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Watch Live: NASA OSIRIS-REx Arrives at Asteroid Bennu

Two years and two months after it launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, NASA’s $800-million mission to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter will reach a pivotal moment Monday, when the agency’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is slated to rendezvous with its scientific target: a dark, round, carbon-rich asteroid named …

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What the Stock Selloff Tells Us About the Future of Tech

The past three months have not been kind to large public technology companies. Amid crescendos of criticism about monopolistic power, these companies saw their market value plummet. The rampant selling has leveled off, at least for the moment, so it’s an opportune time to ask: What comes next? WIRED Opinion …

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I Embraced the PopSocket and It Changed My Damn Life

The first PopSockets gripper I plastered to my phone’s rear-end was a freebie gift thing I received from some company’s swag bag. Amidst the magnets, notebooks, business cards, and other marketing ephemera, there it was: the circular doodad that has leapfrogged selfie-sticks as the must-have mobile accessory for our smartphone-saturated …

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Paul Manafort Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

Man, where can we even begin with this past week? It was a doozy. For one, the US government barreled towards shutdown. For another, the Senate refused to back President Trump’s nominee for US district judge in North Carolina following accusations that the judge backed measures to disenfranchise black voters. …

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Nexstar will acquire Tribune Media for $4.1 billion

Reuters reports that Nexstar Media Group has agreed to acquire the Tribune Media Company for $4.1 billion, which will make the combined company the largest television station operator in America. The deal could be announced on Monday. Based in Irving, Texas, Nexstar is presently the second-largest local television station owner …

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SNL lampoons Netflix’s spending on original content

Saturday Night Live aired its latest episode last night, hosted by The Crown and First Man star Claire Foy. One of the sketches took aim at Netflix’s enormous effort to produce as much original content as possible. “In 2019, we’ll have even more programming to choose from because we’ve. gone. …

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