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Encrypted-Messaging App Telegram Now Has 100 Million Users

Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov built a messaging app predicated upon its ability to keep private things private, so it’s no surprise that he agrees with Apple on the issue of encryption. “I would definitely side with Tim Cook on this,” he said on Tuesday, speaking at Mobile World Congress in …

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Charting Literary Classics’ Punctuation, From Austen to Twain

American Panorama For many of us, the word “atlas” evokes memories of tattered roadmaps stuffed into a glove compartment. And while atlases are technically just collections of maps (be they of roads, outer space, the world wide web, or the human body), the good ones also have a way of presenting a more holistic picture of the …

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Calculating Calories by Burning Gummy Bears to Death

In the latest episode of the MythBusters, Adam and Jamie wanted to see if you could make a rocket fueled by gummy bears (they also tried poop). You can get a lot of energy from sugar (in the gummy bears) so why not use this energy to lift a rocket? …

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Twitter Has a New App, But This One’s Just for Coders

Things are changing at Twitter. (And when are they not?) Now, just three months after cofounder Jack Dorsey became Twitter’s permanent CEO, four of the company’s ten senior managers announced they are leaving. The shakeup comes as Dorsey attempts to revive growth at the stalled social media company. Twitter’s struggles …

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Bench Seating Is the Latest Idea to Make Flying Even More Horrible

The fact that American butts are getting bigger would be less of a problem if the cheap seats on airliners weren’t simultaneously getting smaller. Alas, neither trend shows any sign of abating. The obesity epidemic is as bad as ever, and airlines remains as desperate as ever to cram as many customers …

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