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PlayStation 4 reportedly crashing due to malicious message

Numerous PS4 owners on Reddit and across social media are warning of a message containing a string of characters that can reportedly cause Sony’s console to seize up and crash. In some cases, the console gets so mixed up from this glitch that users are performing a factory reset on …

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Dance like a G.O.A.T.

Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday Saturday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, our usual correspondent Megan Farokhmanesh is on a much-needed vacation. Tech reporter Dami Lee and internet culture editor Devon Maloney will be stepping in to completely ruin what she’s …

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New trailers: Aladdin, Pet Sematary, Good Omens, and more

Often when I’m scrolling through movies on Netflix, HBO, or some other streaming service, I feel like I’ve wasted so. much. money. going to movie theaters. Inevitably, everything shows up online and ready to stream, and instead I’ve spent more than $30 for a pair of tickets to go see …

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