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What’s in your bag, Ashley Eckstein?

What’s in your bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. This week, we’re featuring voice actress and fashion designer Ashley Eckstein. A decade ago, the Star Wars franchise expanded in …

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Why we can’t stop debating whether Facebook sells data

For some time now, the fact that Facebook doesn’t sell your personal data directly to advertisers has been a shield that company executives use to protect the company from criticism over its privacy policies. Unfortunately for Facebook, critics have tended to pick up this shield and beat the company with …

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Apple plans iPhone software update to reverse Chinese ban

Apple claims it has found a software solution to the court injunction which recently banned some of its older iPhones from being sold in China. In a statement to Reuters the company said it would be issuing a software update “early next week” which it believes will address “the minor …

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Facebook Bug Bounty Program Makes Biggest Reward Payout Yet

This has not been Facebook’s proudest year for privacy and security. The company faced the massive Cambridge Analytica data misuse and abuse scandal in April and beyond. It also disclosed its first data breach in October, which compromised information from 30 million accounts. But Facebook has at least one security-focused …

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Virgin Galactic Takes Off, and Space Tourism Draws Nearer

For the first time since the US retired the Space Shuttle in 2011, humans have taken off from American soil and gone into space. This morning, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic rocketed two test pilots beyond Earth’s boundaries and brought them back safely, in a giant leap toward finally making commercial …

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