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Get an Inside Look at SpaceX's Astronaut Training Sims

On Monday, the buzz of machinery echoed through SpaceX’s Hawthorne-based manufacturing facility as SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell introduced a quartet of astronauts, each decked out in NASA blues. Behind them, tucked inside a clean room, was their ticket to low-Earth orbit: SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, still naked without its stark white …

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Twitter’s fear of making hard decisions is killing it

Why does Twitter move so slowly? It’s a question that has been on my mind since Monday, as we watched the company belatedly tiptoe into enforcement of its guidelines against inciting violence. It came up again Thursday, as we saw the company move — a staggering six years after first …

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'Dead Cells' Succeeds Where Its Competitors Fail

A clump of alien matter rolls through a hole in the prison wall, finds a body, and settles in. Suddenly, that body is me, and I scurry to the right, picking up my dropped money and weapons and slamming through doors until my pace is a full-on sprint. I run, …

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Bugs Will Actually Make Your Next Phone Better

The recipe for the phone of tomorrow may call for some unlikely biological bits: the eyeball of a beetle, the fine hairs of a cricket, the scales of a butterfly wing. In everything from cameras to batteries, researchers are pursuing biomimicry—basically, copping nature’s secrets. A deft synthesis of engineering and …

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Three Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Phone

Everyone already knows that you are carrying around a computer in your pocket. But your smartphone is more than just a computer—it’s also a data collector. I’m going to guess that yours can measure acceleration, magnetic field, sound, location, and maybe more. Many phones also can measure pressure. Oh, and …

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Google defends controversial China project in meeting with employees

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin have addressed the controversy over “Dragonfly,” reportedly an effort to re-enter the Chinese market with a news and search product, in an all-hands meeting with employees. Pichai described the effort as “exploratory” and in the “early stages,” according to a transcript obtained …

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