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CES 2019 in Photos: The March of the Gadget Fanatics

Attendees endure a virtual reality “ride” at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

UBTech always brings interesting robots to CES. This one, the Cruzr service robot, can navigate your home autonomously using the built-in localization technology that helps it map its surroundings in real time.

Having fun with ducks in the Nikon booth.

For safety reasons, drones are relegated to fenced-in cages on the CES show floor. These drones show off their swarming capabilities.

The latest version of Sony’s super-cute Aibo robot dog is so expressive, it conveys something close to genuine emotion. It can play fetch, do tricks, and respond to petting and praise. It’s housebroken too.

This hemispherical camera rig at the Canon booth is what the folks at EA Sports use to capture the likeness of athletes for their in-game avatars. The subject sits on a stool in the middle of the array, all the cameras fire at once, then the game designers can stitch together a remarkably accurate 3-D model of their face.

Frederic Pedro of French technology reseller IOTBox came dressed to party.

Smart glasses and mixed-reality wearables were prevalent at this year’s show.

Just do whatever they say and don’t make eye contact.

There were plenty of VR games and interactive demos for CES attendees to try out.

Employees from Luxrobo show off a biomimetic robot hand powered by the company’s DIY robotics modules.

It’s a long show.

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