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Coach's $150 dinosaur Apple Watch strap now comes in fall colors

Coach is a fashion brand that has been making Apple Watch bands since June 2016, which the company has periodically refreshed with new styles, colors, and designs. Given that the fall season is fast approaching, it’s only logical that Coach would update its offerings with new fall colors to match your fall ensemble (assuming you’re the kind of person who buys seasonal watch bands, anyway.) Haute Écriture has the full rundown on what exactly is new in Coach’s lineup, if you’re interested in the complete lineup.

But we’re not really here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about the new Goldenrod color for the Rexy strap, which stands out from Coach’s other $150 Apple Watch bands by the simple virtue of having a colorful cartoon dinosaur on it. Coach has offered the strap for a while already, but the new color is a perfect opportunity to remind the world that it a. exists and b. is objectively the best Apple Watch band, full stop.

Now, I can hear you objecting: “Chaim, doesn’t an Apple Watch start at $269? Isn’t it a waste of money to spend more than half the value of the watch itself on a band?” It’s a valid complaint, to which I will reply that if you can’t see the value of a $150 dinosaur strap, you clearly lack any knowledge of modern fashion, aesthetics, or what is truly great in life.

The Goldenrod Rexy Apple Watch strap is available now from Coach.

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