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Cortana is giving out hints about Microsoft's Surface PC event

We’re just two days away from Microsoft’s big Surface PC event in New York City, and even the company’s digital assistant is starting to drop subtle hints as to what we can expect. If you ask Microsoft’s Cortana to spark your imagination today, the software will reply with real-world examples of how to foster creativity, find inspiration, and solve problems, using examples like Velcro creator George de Mestral and novelist Gertrude Stein.

It sounds generic on the surface, but these are indeed clues suggesting what the company will focus on at its Surface event. Rumor has Microsoft will show off an all-in-one PC that doubles as a drawing tool you can lay flat on a desk. Tying together the whole package appears to be a 3D ecosystem for Windows 10 that loops in the overhauled Microsoft Paint app, the HoloLens headset, and new peripherals for creating these 3D objects and holograms. To drive home the point, Microsoft’s Windows and devices VP Yusuf Mehdi said, “Get ready to get creative,” on Twitter earlier this month.

We don’t know for sure what we’ll see this week, but creativity and 3D object creation will likely take center stage. Tune back in at 10AM ET / 7AM PT on Wednesday, October 26th for The Verge’s live blog and all the Microsoft news and announcements.

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