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Donald Glover and FX part ways with animated Deadpool TV series

Donald Glover and his creative collaborator and younger brother Stephen Glover, with whom he works with on FX’s Atlanta, are departing the animated Deadpool TV series alongside FX Networks, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The duo are exiting the project due to “creative differences.” Announced last year, the animated Deadpool show was billed as an adult-themed action-comedy that would air on FX’s FXX sister channel, which is also now the home of the network’s animated hit Archer as of the latest season. FX says it plans to work with Marvel on Noah Hawley’s Legion, which returns for its second season on April 3rd.

We don’t know if Glover’s intensive schedule over the last 12 months — which has included working on his musical project as Childish Gambino, shooting the new Star Wars spinoff Solo, and writing, acting, and directing in Atlanta — contributed to his departure here. But there is the looming threat of Disney’s own streaming service that may be complicating contractural negotiations between TV networks and Disney-owned Marvel. Debuting some time next year, Disney’s Netflix-style app will be home to a number of Marvel properties, including exclusive TV series. That said, it could just be that Glover and his brother’s vision for Deadpool didn’t jibe with Marvel’s long-term plans for the companion film series, the sequel for which comes out in May.

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