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‘Doom’ Gets May 2016 Launch Date, Looks Fast and Brutal

Image: Bethesda

One of the biggest names in first-person shooting returns to hell this spring.

Doom, Bethesda’s rebooted take on the seminal shooter, is launching on May 13 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. That’s a Friday, by the way, just to add a little extra dose of creepy to a game featuring a demonic corpse strapped into a dual-rocket launcher.

That beast is the least of your worries, however. A new campaign trailer shows off a wealth of blood-soaked baddies trying (and succeeding) to tear you limb from limb, though there’s not much in the way of story beyond “kill the big evil thing before it kills you.” So Doom, then:

It looks exactly like it should: blazing fast, smooth as butter, and extremely gory. It’s Doom! What did you expect?

Bethesda also unveiled a Collector’s Edition, which includes a copy of the game, a fancy metal case, and an epic, 12-inch statue of that nasty Revenant skeleton dude complete with LED lights and a spinning base. At $120, it ain’t cheap, but frankly, neither is that awesome statue. I want.

Image: Bethesda

If you can’t wait to give Bethesda your money, the company is also accepting preorders in exchange for in-game extras like special armor sets and six “Hack Modules,” described as “one-time consumables that can give you an edge in a multiplayer match.” Erm, sounds a bit dodgy, but we’ll have to wait until May to see if Doom’s version of hell truly includes pay-to-win microtransactions.

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