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Fallout gets the fine art treatment with these gorgeous new prints

For its latest video game collaboration, art gallery Cook & Becker is heading to the nuclear wasteland. Today the gallery announced a new collaboration with Fallout creator Bethesda, which will start with a series of high-end prints featuring concept art from the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4.

Cook & Becker describes the prints as “museum-grade,” and they’ll be available in limited quantities. Each one is hand numbered and features the signature of the original artist. They cover a range of locations, from the bustling city of Diamond City to a Red Rocket gas station to the Prydwen airship high above the Commonwealth. There’s even a 1950s-esque Nuka Cola poster.

The art gallery has somewhat of a focus on video game pieces. In the past Cook & Becker has released similar prints for everything from the painterly adventure Okami to classic Sega Genesis games. And its collaboration with Bethesda extends beyond Fallout; the gallery says that it will also “release more prints from some of Bethesda’s iconic video game franchises.”

In the meantime, you can grab any of the Fallout 4 prints from Cook & Becker’s site. Depending on the type of print, size, and framing options, they’ll cost you anywhere from €80 (about $86) to €1,200 ($1,290).

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