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First Click: Game of Thrones returns, Google profits, and more in the week ahead

Smell that? It’s the crisp scent of freshly minted coins because earnings season is upon us once again.

The week kicks off with Netflix financials later today. Analysts are expecting big international subscriber growth after the company opened its doors to over 130 countries in January. They’ll also be looking at Netflix’s US forecast to see what impact, if any, the May price increase from $7.99 to $9.99 might have on future earnings.

Intel will announce its earnings on Tuesday ahead of Microsoft on Thursday. The two stocks have been inextricably linked to PC sales for the past three decades. Despite each company’s attempts to diversify, you can expect Microsoft to take a hit if Intel’s PC and server-class chips show any signs of weakness.

Verizon Communications and Yahoo will both report earnings on Thursday as well. The Wall Street Journal says that Verizon was just one of a handful of potential suitors moving ahead with plans to buy Yahoo (or parts of it) ahead of today’s deadline for preliminary bids. Verizon’s hoping to fold Yahoo’s assets in with the Aol properties it acquired last year for $4.4 billion in order to create an advertising platform that can compete with Facebook and Google.

Google’s parent Alphabet also reports on Thursday, its second quarter as a conglomerate. Analysts will be looking at a myriad of data points across the core Google business and “Other Bets” — Research & Development moonshots that cost the company a measly $3.56 billion last quarter when compared to the $23.42 billion the company generated in profits.

Sunday’s set to be a big day for HBO subscribers as Game of ThronesSilicon Valley, and Veep all have their season premieres. And if you play your cards right, you might convince Verge entertainment editor Emily Yoshida to bring back the Game of Game of Thrones for season 6.

There will also be plenty of hardcore gadget, science, and transportation news to gawk at all week long. But first, let’s catch up on the weekend that was.

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