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Frinkiac Is a Search Engine Just for Simpsons Quotes

A new Simpsons search engine enables people to track down screen shots for lines from one of the most quotable TV shows ever made.

Named Frinkiac after Springfield’s eccentric scientist Professor Frink, the site features nearly three million screen shots covering every single episode from series one to 15.

Users search by quote and are then presented with a selection of relevant screen shots to choose from.

Users simply type a Simpsons quote into the box at the top of the page (Frinkiac)

The ‘Make Meme’ button will add the quote to the screen shot to produce a meme which can then be saved and shared. Users can also tweak the quote.

It’s also possible to view all the other screen shots from that particular episode.

“It’s for people who love The Simpsons, to enhance and enable that love. We want it to spur more appreciation and re-watching of the show,” says a post from from Paul Kehrer, who created the site along with Allie Young Sean Schulte.

We had the idea several years ago when we were quoting The Simpsons at each other all day long, and it was surprisingly difficult to find an image of the scenes we were quoting on Google,” Sean Schulte told Wired.

The majority of the code for creating Frinkiac was written in about a week, said the makers.

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