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Gboard just made it too easy to post insane GIF selfies

Gboard, Google’s iOS and Android keyboard app, has quietly updated its design by moving its GIF-making button up next to the word suggestion bar. The GIF-making feature has been around since last September, but it was hidden behind the emoji button on the bottom.

With its shiny new placement, the button allows for GIFs to be recorded from the front and back camera, and it lets you record in two modes: “Loop,” which is basically a Boomerang you can record for three seconds, and “Fast-Forward,” which lets you record up to one minute and speeds up the result. When you’re done recording, you can copy and paste the GIF into your message, and send it off to your friends.

Recording and making your own GIFs isn’t new — you can easily turn your live photos into GIFs through Google’s excellent Motion Stills app — but placing the feature so prominently on the keyboard means you might be seeing your friends’ moving faces way more often.

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