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Gear for Remote Workers: Pixelbook, Chrome Vega, Hydro Flask

1. Chrome Juno Travel Tote Bag
A briefcase adds panache to an outfit, but they’re usually no good for protecting precious electronics. This carry-all splits the difference. The tough ballistic nylon construction withstands weather and wear, while the dedicated padded laptop sleeve and copious interior pockets keep all your mobile office essentials secure.

2. Hydro Flask Food Flask
This is a serious upgrade from your elementary school lunch box. The vacuum-­insulated container keeps 12 ounces of comestibles hot or cold, and the wide mouth makes for easy sipping or spooning. Perfect for whatever fuels your afternoon.

3. Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger
Electrical outlet space in the coffee shop is a coveted commodity. Make room for yourself without unplugging your neighbor by using this swiveling power strip, which turns a single socket into three. Double USB ports let you charge your phone and tablet while keeping your laptop at 100 percent.

4. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC
Enjoy corner-­office quiet anywhere with these wireless noise-canceling headphones. Dual mics on the earcups mitigate the barking baristas, and the battery lasts more than 20 hours—enough for a few days of Migos beats, Tycho jams, or Zoom marathons.

5. Google Pixelbook
Your email, documents, and calendar all live in the browser now, and Google’s powerful Chromebook is a first-class ticket to the cloud. Though an easily luggable 2.4 pounds, it still gets 10 hours of battery life, so it’ll chug well past quitting time. Bonus: The stylish two-tone design will ensure you stand out among a sea of MacBooks.

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