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GoCycle is back with its best folding e-bike yet

GoCycle, makers of one of our favorite folding electric bikes, just announced the bike we’ve been waiting for: the GXi. The GXi marries the performance of the company’s flagship G3 model with the 10-second-folding capabilities of the GX. Combining the best features of these two bikes should make the GXi one of the best commuter bicycles on the market. As such, it won’t be cheap. Prices start at £3,699 / €4,199 / $4,799 with deliveries beginning early next year.

The 17.5 kg (38.6 pound) GXi is built around GoCycle’s delightfully chunky magnesium wheels and a removable 375Wh battery tucked neatly inside the aluminum frame. The 500W front-hub motor with traction control has a top speed of 20mph in the US before being dialed back to 250W and 25kph for Europe. Power is delivered via pedal-assist or with a flick of the throttle button. With everything maxed out, this same powertrain saw us getting between 40-45 km (25-28 miles) of range on average when reviewing the lesser GX e-bike this summer.

All the cables on the GXi are routed internally for a clean, modern look. Daytime running lights, hydraulic brakes, and three-speed electronic predictive shifting just add to the appeal.

That other British bike company, Brompton, might be the first name people think of whenever folding bikes are mentioned. But GoCycle has a good chance to change that in this new age of modern electric folding bikes.

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