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Gogoro e-scooter sharing is coming to Paris

600 Gogoro Smartscooters are coming to Paris this summer as part of the Coup eScooter sharing service. Coup, a subsidiary of Bosch, first launched the scooter sharing service in Berlin with 200 Gogoro electric scooters in 2016. It expanded to 1,000 scooters less than a year later. It’ll be going up against the Cityscoot service which launched in Paris last summer with 150 electric scooters.

Coup requires a Class B (for normal cars) or international driver’s license — you don’t need a motorcycle license. The Coup app for iOS and Android lets you locate and reserve the closest scooter parked in dedicated two-wheel parking zones around select districts of central Paris. Coup cost €3 for 30 minutes of riding or €20 for a full day. Insurance is baked right into the rate.

It’s no secret that The Verge staff has a crush on Gogogo’s electric scooters ever since their unveiling in 2015. But so far, they’ve only been on sale in their home city of Taiwan. Through Coup, Gogoro is hoping to get its delightful little people movers into more cities without the hassle of ownership.

“Gogoro and Coup are focused on delivering new services that encourage consumer adoption of more sustainable transportation choices like the Smartscooter. The Coup e-scooter sharing model has been proven successful in Berlin and we are looking forward to introducing it in Paris this summer with the same success,” said Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO of Gogoro in a press release. “We created Gogoro to be a technology company integrating innovation and sustainable energy to create new business models, services and products that ignite urban residents and city governments to embrace sustainable energy with the new fuel of the future.”

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