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GoldenEye 007 gets an unofficial multiplayer remake with modern graphics

GoldenEye 007, the beloved N64 first-person shooter, has been recreated in high-definition glory by a team of dedicated fans over the course of 10 years. The mod, known as GoldenEye: Source, is free to download starting today and it features 25 recreated maps, 10 different multiplayer modes, and redesigned versions of the original game’s 28 weapons. It was created using Valve’s Source engine, the same set of tools used to create Counter Strike and Half-Life games. So it’s a massive step up in both visuals and performance for one of the more drastically dated gaming masterpieces of the last 20 years.

Unfortunately, there’s no single-player mode included in the mod. Although the trailer appears to show iconic moments from the original — including the fight with Alec Trevelyan in the Cradle mission and the showdown with Jaws in the Aztec level — the developers’ website confirms the current version is multiplayer-only. “No, we have no plans to make single-player as we do not have the resources or sufficient number of developers to create it,” reads the official FAQ.

‘GoldenEye: Source’ does not include a single-player mode with the original’s missions

Still, the attention to detail and the amount of effort that went into GoldenEye: Source make it one of the most polished HD remakes of a N64 classic. The system requirements aren’t too taxing given the Source engine was originally designed to support Windows XP, but the recommended specs include about 4GB of RAM running on Windows 7 or later. Now go have a slapping-only deathmatch in the Facility, for old times’ sake.

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