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Google begins cluttering its mobile homepage

Google’s new Discover feed, which it announced as part of its 20th anniversary last month, has made its way to Google’s US homepage on mobile, as first noticed by 9to5Google. The feature adds a series of information cards underneath the search box on the google.com homepage when accessed from a mobile browser. The bulk of these cards revolve around relevant news pieces, but the feed can also show sports results and weather forecasts and will change based on your interests and search history.

The update is a significant change for the world’s most trafficked web page, which has historically been kept pretty clean aside from the search box at its core. It’s a big sign of Google’s shifting attitude towards surfacing information, where the search giant is increasingly trying to predict the information you want before you actually search for it directly. Google’s mobile Chrome browser already shows a similar spread of articles and information whenever you open a new tab.

Sports scores and articles will be displayed in the new feed.
Image: The Verge

The new Discover feed can be accessed from mobile browsers including Chrome and Safari on both iOS and Android, and is available on Google.com in the US now. A date for the international rollout is yet to be announced.

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