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Google I/O 2018: Watch Live Video of the Keynote Right Here

Late spring isn’t just for wildflowers and Star Wars ephemera. It’s also developer conference season! One of the biggest developer events of the year is Google I/O. The 2018 edition of Google’s conference kicks off Tuesday, May 8 with a live keynote address. The event takes place at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, but you can watch the whole keynote here.

The Google I/O keynote begins at 10 am Pacific on Tuesday. We expect the live program to start around 9:30 am. Check back around that time—if you see the video player show up on this page, then the keynote is getting ready to begin.

Eye on AI

There’s a lot to look forward to at I/O. We’ll surely see talk of the next version of Android, an update on Google’s messaging strategy, and some stuff around IoT and connected devices. But the glue holding all of the announcements together will be artificial intelligence. Google has made voice control, computer vision, and machine learning its priorities of late, with the proliferation of Google Assistant, the ability to use a phone camera as a powerful search tool, and the company’s production of special chips to power cloud-based AI services. We’ll hear more about all that stuff at I/O this year, and probably several AI projects from within Google that we aren’t currently aware of.

Our own Lauren Goode has a list of everything we can expect from this year’s I/O. Also, Lauren will be providing live updates from the keynote along with WIRED’s machine intelligence reporter Tom Simonite and the rest of the the live coverage team. Follow all the news and our live analysis on our liveblog, which will run concurrent to the video stream. We’ll see you back here at 9:30 am Tuesday.

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