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Google Just Made It Easier To Find Lost Phones

Tech giant Google has introduced a new feature that helps users to pinpoint a lost or stolen mobile phone.

In 2015, Google introduced the ability to track the current location of the user’s Android phone on a map when searching for “find my phone” as part of its My Account hub.

The handy page offers quick access to a range of privacy and security tools.

Heading to the My Account hub will now show a new tab marked ‘Find your phone’.

With a couple of clicks, users can make the missing phone ring at maximum volume, lock it with a message and contact number on the screen or locate its precise location using Device Manager.

If a phone goes missing, the owner can search for “I lost my phone” to bring up the My Account page in a flash.

Sadly for iPhone users, the new feature only works on Android with Apple phone users instead herded towards iCloud and Apple’s Find My iPhone tracker.

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