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Google Pixelbook Review: The Mack Daddy of All Chromebooks

I believe in Chromebooks. Windows and MacOS come with three decades of cruft, old ideas about how things work that don’t mesh with a new generation that sends more snaps than emails and doesn’t know what that weird rectangle on the Save icon even is. (It’s a floppy disk, kiddies. Look it up.) Now that the primary computer for so many people is a five-inch rectangle of glass in their pocket, it seems obvious that we need to redefine what a computer means.

Over the last couple of years, Google seemed to finally put the pieces together. Android apps were the biggest milestone: bringing millions of Android apps to Chrome OS killed the whole “it’s only a browser” thing once and for all. It never made sense that you couldn’t use Instagram on your computer, but nobody before Google actually chopped those walls down. Now, a Chromebook can offer billions of users the apps they already know and rely on, in a body that lets you see more than two cells of your spreadsheet at a time.