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Google Shopping gets a new design with price tracking and a personalized homepage

Google has launched a redesign of Google Shopping in the US across both the online and mobile sites, featuring a new personalized homepage, price tracking, and new Google Lens features for building outfits.

The new homepage is now more personalized to your specific shopping preferences, and will automatically suggest reordering products you’ve previously bought and recommendations based on your Google activity.

The redesign also integrates Google’s local delivery service, Google Express, (which was absorbed into Google Shopping earlier this year) to offer a single, unified place to shop. The idea is that now, you’ll simply search for whatever it is you’re looking for, and then order it from wherever most makes sense, be it online, from a local store, or from retailers selling directly through Google.

There’s also a new price tracker, which will let you track items you’re looking for and ping you with a notification on your phone when the price drops (email notifications are also in the works for later this year).

Lastly, Google is expanding how Google Lens works when shopping for fashion items — now, when you upload or take a picture of an article of clothing, in addition to recommending similar items to buy, Google Shopping will show a new “Get Style Inspiration” menu. The new section shows off how other people around the internet are wearing the item you’re searching for (and of course, offers links to buy the matching items in the outfit through Google).

The new Google Shopping features are available now in the US.

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