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Google wants to help you register to vote in the 2016 election

Google today announced a new search feature that aims to help users register to vote ahead of the November presidential election in the US. In a blog post published Friday, the company said that queries for the term “register to vote” will now return detailed descriptions on how to register in each US state, including requirements and deadlines.

“No matter which state you’re in or how you plan to cast your ballot, you can find the step-by-step information you need to register correctly and on time — right at the top of your Search page and in the Google app,” Jacob Schonberg, a Google product manager, wrote in the post.

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Google has also introduced a search tool that delivers information on the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. When users search for either convention in the Google app, the app will display a summary of the event, information about the nominee, and a list of speakers, alongside related social media posts and a YouTube live stream video. The Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland from July 18th to July 21st, while the Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia from July 25th to the 28th.

Google confirmed earlier this year that it will serve as the official live stream provider of the Republican National Convention, despite calls from progressive groups for technology companies to pull out of the event due to the divisive rhetoric of presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Twitter and Twitch have recently announced that they will live stream coverage of the conventions, as well, while The Huffington Post will be streaming the event in 360-degree video.

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