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Hasselblad’s new 400-megapixel Multi-Shot camera captures 2.4GB stills

A couple years ago, Hasselblad released a 200-megapixel, Multi-Shot version of its H5D medium format camera. Now it’s back with a bonkers, 400-megapixel version of the H6D: the H6D-400c.

Hasselblad’s Multi-Shot technology is pretty straightforward: it takes four 100-megapixel images, shifting the sensor by one pixel for each capture, and then two more shots that shift the sensor by half a pixel. By combining all six stills, the resulting file is a single 400-megapixel (23200 x 17400 pixel) 16-bit TIFF file that weighs in at 2.4GB. In fact, the images are large enough that the camera needs to be tethered to a computer to capture them.

Obviously, this sort of sensor-shifting technique takes a bit of time, so it’s best suited for very still scenes. You probably aren’t going to get great results trying to capture 400-megapixel shots of your kid’s next soccer match. But please try it anyway. That sounds hilarious.

The camera will go for $47,995 when it launches in March, compared to the H6D-100c’s relatively modest $27,000 price tag. So your kid better be really good at soccer.

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